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Downy Woodpecker?

This girl was causing a racket outside the house this morning.  We’re guessing it’s a Downy Woodpecker, because of its size.  Not sure though.  Anyone else have another guess?


If you don't want blood on your hands, why would you put it on your face?

A poignant PETA campaign which I wanted to share, regarding cosmetic animal testing.

What is your stance on wearing makeup from un-”cruelty free” brands, who test on hundreds of animals on a daily basis?

Animal Hilarity

These videos have had me cracking up laughing for the better part of an hour. Enjoy!


Pretty little Baby girl gets me through

My Pretty little baby gets me through

I’ve been gone a day or two

Organising the living room.

Oh what a chore

as now I know… 99 more words


No one wants to know me, I’m beaten as to why

Really quite retiring and oh so painfully shy

I keep very clean and my facial hair I regularly fix… 74 more words



The tiger said ‘Why do you bleat?’

To the sheep laid at his feet

Said sheep ‘What then if I should roar?

Tiger said ‘I’d love you more’ 27 more words