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More Fun with Sketches!

I seriously love the Tayasui Sketches app. Here’s some more fun I had playing with it:

Download these files here to use however you like!



Till The Cows Come Home

Today I took a break from packing — Oh. Crap. I think I forgot to mention we are moving again.

So, yes, we are moving. Again.

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My dream pet

Guuuuys. I’ve spent the last hour watching videos and reating people’s comments on many questions related to cats and pictures and it just made me feel so great! 670 more words


African fish that can crawl on land provides new insight into evolution from sea

OTTAWA — A new view of evolution is being put forward by an Ottawa biologist, thanks to an African fish that can leave the water and crawl on land. 365 more words


Pondering over Penne

 I can’t decide which of these two edits of Penne I prefer.

While the blue one has a nice combination of colours, the orangey one is truer to her actual appearance.



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Hide and Seek

These Curly Tailed Lizards will make their home just about anywhere. Personally, I think it’s the cutest thing when you see one peeking it’s head out of these unusual places.