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Teennewz: 15 Underrated Animated Films-ad

A list of 15 great animated films that were didn’t receive the recognition they deserved.

The Iron Giant has all the trappings of a classic sci-fi film with a compelling plot that can capture the imaginations of adults and children alike. 48 more words



Not everybody understands what an R.O.I. is but it’s a crucial factor to running a business.  In this short film, our clueless business owner gets a quick lesson  and, almost, jumps to the wrong conclusion. 33 more words

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Pleasant Surprises: Robots

Remember Robots – the most generically titled animated film until Cars came out the following year? I skipped it when it first came out because if the title was that uninspired I was sure the rest of the movie wouldn’t be much better. 1,123 more words


Celebrate 75 Years of Batman With Badass Short Animations

If you’re a regular reader of Movie Bastards, you’ll be aware that I’m already in the process of charting Bat’s modern cinematic history. However that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world haven’t been releasing their own cool Batman shit too. 592 more words


Why FileMaker?

I’m often asked why FileMaker is such a good solution for so many businesses and situations so here’s a humorous answer to the question.

As always, I’d love to hear how you liked it. 7 more words

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Spending money in all the wrong places

This film was inspired by Robert Broomfield who told me a story about his wife’s business and how they had just spent a fortune buying new computers for everyone with no increase in productivity. 18 more words

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Another bad decision

When a business makes a bad decision investing in technology, they are often reluctant to make a change and start over because all they see is the money they spent and not the productivity they are losing.   103 more words

FileMaker In Business