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The Stranger Genius Award Goes To Family Homelessness Film Fellow

Congratulations to our Film Fellow Drew Christie, winner of a coveted Genius Award from The Stranger! At the ceremony Saturday night, Oct. 18, Drew was named as winner of the Film category for his… 276 more words

Family Homelessness

Hasbro sets 'My Little Pony' movie for 2017

Hasbro isn’t horsing around with its latest film project. The toy maker’s film division has announced plans to bring My Little Pony to the big screen. 186 more words


Review: The Book of Life, 2014, dir. Jorge Gutierrez

“Jorge R. Gutierrez wants to teach people about his heritage. He also wants to make colorful, energetic animated films to dazzle a wide audience. With The Book of Life, Gutierrez manages to scratch both itches at once. 49 more words


13 Moons

A little film show of all 13 of the Full Moon films..

Grab some pop corn or your green smoothie, sit back and enjoy.


Finding Nemo creator Andrew Stanton TED Talk about Storytelling

I must have seen this video a dozen times.  I have seen almost all of Andrew Stanton’s animated films. He’s made us believe that toys come to life when we’re not there in Toy Story, made us realize that we really do need to “just keep swimming” in Finding Nemo and shown beauty in the aftermath of destruction WALL-E. 77 more words

Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Despite Wes Anderson’s near-murderous commitment to the merriments of exchanging trifling larks for narratives, it’s no secret he was in dire-straits as the back-half of the first decade of the 21st century rounded it’s way toward conclusion. 901 more words


Movie Review: The Hero of Color City

Although Fall is one of the best times to go see movies in the theater, there seems to be a shortage of kid-friendly movies right now. 284 more words