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The Naughty Renaissance GIFs of Scorpion Dagger

The prehistoric age gave us cave paintings. The Renaissance gave us oil paintings, tempera, and more. The 20th century gave us performance art, multimedia. But it’s the internet that gave us the animated GIF. 191 more words

Eye Candy

Bridge Lift with Foam Rollers

3 sets of 15 reps

Anna… http://ift.tt/1p1bHpY


October 28

Our Creative Director took us on a little outing today to check out the World Press Photo exhibition at Politiken Hus. It was less depressing than last year but still, it was quite disheartening to look at pictures of the Boston marathon bombings, the Syrian conflict, the public hangings in Iran, the devastation left behind by Haiyan… it’s just a bit overwhelming. 146 more words


Single Leg Balance with Arm Variation

3 sets of 20 reps

Katie… http://ift.tt/1ty9wez


Converting Animated Clipart to 3D

Animated GIF clipart images can often be an interesting addition to a webpage. What if the animation were also in 3d?

Here is an example: 110 more words

Sketchbook October 26, 2014

You heard the man, get ‘em in person at IE Zine Fest today, 12-5 or online always.