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Nishika Brussels Countdown

The Nishika Countdown in Brussels 2013







Made this papercut because I loveeeeeee Batman: The Animated Series. Who doesn’t? Probably idiot morons, that’s who.  Here’s a link if you’d like to purchase this frame.


13 Shrek Gifs That Totally Show The Difference Between Being 20 and 25

At Age 20: “I can’t legally rent a van at most car rental businesses.”

After Age 25: “Now I can legally rent any vehicle at Hertz, or Enterprise, or wherever I want!” 225 more words

"Archer Vice" Season Review and How We React to Disappointment

Alex Russell

Some weeks ago, I called myself an idiot for missing the point about Archer. I talked about how showrunner Adam Reed succeeded in keeping  676 more words



One of my most favorite animals in the whole world are tigers, this is why this GIF caught my eye immediately. Gifs are usually known for being funny and having those smart or funny quotes in the photo, but this GIF is on its own and kind of shows the emotion of the tiger through its eyes and actions. 84 more words

Digital Art


A Cinemagraph is a still image that has a small portion of the image that is moving. In this Cinemagraph, the train is the only thing moving while the rest of the image is still which makes it look quiet and lonely. 122 more words

Digital Art