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Let’s be honest men run the world and the world sucks.

Most women who come into a power positions are so desperate to try to prove that they have a penis that they become ‘proxy men.’ They want to prove they could be just like all the other DICKS that occupy the board room. 290 more words


(Summerlad) From Architecture to Animation: an Interview with Domics

 An Interview with Domics on Summerlad

With an ever growing following and a receptive fanbase, Domics, a.k.a Dominic Panganiban, is an internet celebrity whose work proves to be poignant, funny, and relatable–a sentiment shared by a subscription base of over 800, 000 users on Youtube alone. 1,967 more words


Mathilda Free Rig

Animation students (and professionals) are very fortunate these days, as more and more free rigs become available online. The most recent one to join the list is  51 more words


How to Create Best Compositions

When a CG Artist create a object, model or any scene they can be good but how can be Awesome. All play is about Composition. Composition is like a Decoration. 92 more words


Before Mickey Mouse: support a new documentary about American silent animation

Well, this looks like an interesting investment. Andrew Smith, one of the brains behind the critically acclaimed Gerry Anderson documentary Filmed in Supermarionation, wants to make a new documentary about a less well-known era of animation – the silent years. 329 more words

Silent Film

Big Hero 6

I am reviewing the new movie from Disney called Big Hero 6 which is a very good film. This has become the 2nd most successful animated movie of the year behind Frozen and didn’t quite make the number 1 spot on the American Weekly Cinema Chart. 344 more words

Film Reviews

Over the Garden Wall Review

Spoiler Alerts! Spoiler Alerts! Spoiler Alerts!

Over the Garden Wall is a 10 episode mini series that aired on Cartoon Network and was created by Patrick McHale, who was a storyboard artist and creative director on Adventure Time. 1,086 more words