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Inhumane heat

Black Bullet
Episode: 8-9/13
Score: 5/10

Life sure is hard for Rentarou.

They should recruit that guy. He looks trustworthy.

Eh? He’s going for her instead of his loli harem? How sudden.


Knights of Sidonia - Review

The Plot

An original anime series about Nagate, a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered humans, refugees that escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier and now occupy the massive ship Sidonia. 606 more words


Rainmeter: Claris Clara Alice as Nisekoi HexNote2.1 - hiddenskins

Claris again for today! <3 Now they are crossdress into Nisekoi. How lovely. =^-^= ♥ You must download now! :twisted:

Tips: If you want to put this skin on the bottom corner of the desktop, follow this way: right click on the skin > select settings > uncheck keep on screen. 81 more words


Misunderstandings about Bakemonogatari and It's "Monogatari"

Haha get it? Because…”monogatari” means story and y’know…Bakemonogatari doesn’t really have a story, despite having the word “story” in it’s name…it’s kinda funny because you would think it does…but it doesn’t because…umm…well I’ll explain that later. 971 more words


Laziness Part Two

I don’t know what to say. Laziness is a hell of a drug. Y’know, nothin better than laying around all day not doing anything but jerkin’ it to sci fi films and eating day old pizza to really get the blood flowing.  211 more words


What day is it today?

Baby Steps
Episode: 17/25
Score: 6/10

Ah, he lost.

I like the Ike guy.

Black Bullet
Episode: 5-7/13
Score: 5/10

This plot is stupid. 83 more words