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Drink a Kafuu Chino

Time to drink a cappuccino. Or just watch same caffe latte.

I just a little bored after playing Lichdom Battlemage where I died once. I suck in games… >_>; So I am trying to find random cuteness inside coffee friend here, even though I prefer tea more than coffee. 83 more words


AMV Roundup! The Devil is a Part Timer-Harlem

This was a really cool concept for a show. I’ve watched the first couple episodes and despite the dramatic start, it has a whole lot of slice of life moments. 80 more words


2D vs 3D - Why Pick just one?

There was one time I shared a picture from AHO cosplay into a loli interest facebook group.

What i feel weird about is how one of them reply my post with this: 267 more words


Seatbelts - Tank! (theme song from Cowboy Bebop)

Ah… The good times.
Back when I was just a kid and spent hours after school watching anime while munching on snacks. No essays or labs to stress about, no phone bills to pay, no “my dreams of med school have just crashed to the ground” ideas… ~le sigh~ 69 more words


Favorite Non Mainstream Anime?

So I know that everyone knows about some amines such as Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. These are otherwise known as the big 3. But there are other ones that you can include with this such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and even Pokemon. 138 more words


Sakura And Hiashi Fanfic!

Hello Friends!!!

So this is the 3rd Naruto fanfic that I’ve posted but this fanfic is a little bit different and the couple is one that you will probably never see. 95 more words