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JoJo: Stardust Crusaders Episode 19-24


A bunch of Stand-users attack the crew, Avdol’s still alive, there’s a yellow submarine (ja-jan), and the show’s taking a break for the Fall 2014 season. 302 more words



This is probably one of the most biased feedbacks I’ll give on an anime. Just sayin’.

Summary: Agoraphobic Yuki moves with his grandmother to a small island in Japan. 407 more words


Sketches By JoyJoy: 100 likes ( in all)

What! What! lol thanks for helping me get to 100 likes.. that is the most I have ever gotten.. and I am glad you people like my art even when my friends don’t :’3.. 45 more words


The Wheat and the Weeds in Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass follows Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division in a futuristic Japan. The most notable thing about this futuristic world is how most things in a person’s life are determined by the program SIBYL and the person’s psycho pass, meaning basically their mental state. 472 more words


Being Overpowered Gets Boring

So I finished watching the newest episode of Mahoka Koko no Rettosei also known as The Irregular At Magic High School and, I’m starting to get a tad bit annoyed.   1,167 more words


Sketches By JoyJoy: Rant Art Style...

I am gonna rant for a while.. please ignore if you dont want to listen to me.. please don’t unfollow me for this. :D

I have noticed my friends on Facebook don’t see my stuff.. 121 more words


Musical Monday 28

What a busy semester I am having this year; currently taking 17 hours and got a job to boot. Hopefully even with all of these extra commitments I will still be able to get out some content for you all. 173 more words