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One Piece: Will Zoro Eventually Open His Eye?

This is my personal opinion which i am gladly sharing with you and  the following article hopefully will make you feel and believe the same as me.


An Unhappiness of Pupa

Now this is an eye-poppingly grotesque series that made me think of blood, meat and the gagging sibling complex commonly seen in the anime storylines these days. 438 more words


Boy meets girl

Baby Steps
Episode: 3/25
Score: 6/10

It truly was. Why would you do that.

The OP gets catchier every time I hear it.

He loves tennis now. 34 more words


Armin Arlert

I don’t get why everyone hates on Armin. I was in class, and my friend and I were talking about Attack On Titan, and he asked whether I liked Eren or Mikasa more. 89 more words

Mahouka - 03

wait brb, i will be needing more buckets here…


Power through!

Captain Earth
Episode: 3/25
Score: 5/10

Oh? That’s the hacker girl huh.


His rainbows creep people out apparently.

I’m so weak to childhood promises. 59 more words


Mekakucity Actors - 02

“The incidents which occurred on August 14th and 15th bring a group of young boys and girls together… They are members of a group they call themselves the ‘Mekakushi Dan’ (Blindfold Organization) and each member possesses a strange power involving their eyes. 123 more words