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Akame ga Kill! Ep. 24 (Finale): The unending epilogue

Wow, that determination on Akame’s face! This is truly the only fitting way to cap off the best episode of the year’s best anime series! 1,437 more words


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What a glorious ending to one of the best comedy animes of the year!

Koe no Katachi might be getting an Anime

So I heard that there might be an anime adaptation for Koe no Katachi. This would be huge if it turns out to be true. Not only because the anime can cover the entire manga since it’s short and pretty much done, but because the manga is simply fantastic. 213 more words


Ore Monogatari!! TV Anime is Official

Back in October, there was an announcement that Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine was going to announce something big for Kawahara Kazune and Aruko’s Ore Monogatari!! 19 more words


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I first learned about this manga after the crossover with Nisekoi. I'm glad I did though, because this is a really cute story that puts a lot of Shoujo's to shame. Yeah, I said it. Congratulations to the mangaka! Hopefully this show will be a success and more people go out and buy the manga!

Oh my God, get hyped!

-They did it. They finally did it. I knew something like this would happen eventually but those crazy bastards finally did it. 675 more words