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A Welcome Home

This time on Anime Asylum, Kylie comes home with the world on her shoulders, but mama’s got just the thing for shore shoulders! come see at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

Tired plus Truth Equals Confusion

Had a long day? So have these guys! Figure out the true reason why Coug made the gang clean the ENTIRE tower at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum 

Dust Busters

On Anime Asylum, their taken to the test and they need to hurry! Catch the action at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum 

The Case of the Cinderellas

Coug has a task for them, a big one, you ready for it? And also, guess what celebrity makes a cameo in this comic! here at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

A Coug by any other Fluff

So how does Mutant Man’s powers work? Can he keep them under control? How did Coug get so…fluffy? Find out all these secrets at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

From The Shadows

So who is this mysterious “Coug”? Well here he is in the flesh at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum 

School of Cape Crusading

Mutant Man gets the gang ready to become heroes! Jump into the school of cape crusading at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum