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Anime Music Ichiban!!其ノイチ! Part 2!

Phew! Let’s take a break from all that anime, shall we? Don’t worry though. I shall continue my ongoing article about comedy anime but for the time being, let’s listen to some soothing anime beforehand. 187 more words


Anime Music Ichiban!!其ノイチ! Part 1!

They say that music is a window peering into the depths of the hearts and a pathway to another realm. Music soothes the heart, the soul and the mind. 363 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge Day 18: Favorite Anime ED

The best song of Rurouni Kenshin, I didn’t remember that much of the anime when I was watching it last year, but I remembered this song because of the great vocals and the catchy tune.


[Full Version] Hoshikuzu no Interlude Lyrics

Sora no Method [ 天体のメソッド ] – ED
Hoshikuzu no Interlude
[ 星屑のインターリュード ]
Artist: fhana


yureru minamo sono fukaku ni
aoi uchuu utsuteta ne… 243 more words