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Genre: Action

Angel Beats! 

With one of the most intense and surreal soundtracks, this is one for the taking. Action packed, good comedy, lots of emotion, it’ll be a roller coaster ride before your finished. 133 more words

Anime Recommendations

Genre: Slice of Life

Baka to Test to Shoukanju

Baka to Test is one of the most enjoyable chill anime out there XD its also one of the only anime that I have managed to re-watch both seasons and still enjoy. 235 more words

Anime Recommendations

Genre: Horror


This doesn’t seem like much at first, but then it starts to pick up really quickly. There’s quite a lot of gore in this anime and the horror aspects are fairly okay. 280 more words

Anime Recommendations

Cencoroll Review

Hello! Sorry for not writing for a while now but I’m backkk!! :D I finally found time to watch anime and I’ll be doing anime reviews more frequently now! 547 more words

Anime Recommendations