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Anime Review: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Man fears darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire.”

Kaji: “There are as many truths as there are people.”

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AnoHana Movie

So, I’ve been really busy lately… :( with lots of strange projects and tests suddenly. But yay, I managed to finish watching AnoHana Movie!! :’D I have to say I enjoyed it, haha. 748 more words

Anime Recommendations

Quotes from Legend Of Galactic Heroes- One of the greatest Political Anime

“I think despots are any statesmen not chosen by the people who rule by means of force and steal the peoples’ freedom. This is what you’re doing on Heinessen. 10,054 more words

Anime Recommendation: Kill la Kill

“Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!”

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Anime Recommendation: Shadow Star Narutaru

-written by kireblue-

Narutaru is one of those series that is hard to put into words. It’s about an energetic thirteen year old schoolgirl named Shiina that finds a mysterious star shaped creature called a “dragon child”. 705 more words

Anime Recommendations

Anime watch list

School is starting real soon and i dont know whether i’ll have time to watch anime cos i have been slacking throughout the 1st semester and i need to buck up… :( My anime watch list is still as long as ever and i hope to find time to watch anime during the weekdays. 236 more words

Anime Recommendations

Anime Recommendation: Time Of Eve

In this cafe, there will be no discrimination between humans and robots”

“We look the same, but inside we’re different.”

“We’re all so different yet so much alike… So, a lot of times this is what goes through my mind… What do people think of me?

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