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Mushishi Zoku Shou - 03 Review

Episode 03 – Beneath The Snow

I couldn’t resist watching the latest episode of Mushishi (because its great to watch something soothing when you don’t feel great… 614 more words


Anime Sunday: Hamatora

This week we are going over one of my favorite Winter 2014 season series, It’s Hamatora! It’s a mixed media project, and from what I’ve heard we will be getting a second season of the anime. 272 more words


Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara/If Her Flag Breaks Episode 2

Say hello to the anime I’m going to be reviewing this season!  It was either this or Isshuukan Friends.  While Friends is a great anime, it’s just not suited to an episodic review format.  612 more words

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Almost everyone has that one friend who is constantly talking about one show and yelling in their face on a Monday morning because so and so didn’t kill so and so. 524 more words

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Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan- Demon Capital

Anime Reporter leaves the night-light on before delving into Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan- Demon Capital Part 1 (episodes 1-13).

Moving on after the events of the original series ( 788 more words


Forgotten Anime: “Sanctuary”

Distributor: Viz Video (USA)
Original Year of Release: 1995
English Video Release: 1996, Subtitled (dubbed version also released)
Japanese Title: Sanctuary
Runtime: 65 mins

Like a lot of their early manga output, Viz released a lot of anime that you’d think would sell like lead bricks. 1,316 more words