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Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episodes 2 and 3

Yeah, I’m gonna be blogging this series too.  It’s just such an enjoyably fun and silly series that I can’t not blog it. 507 more words

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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Review

Genre Tags: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Seasons/Episodes: 2 Season, 12 Episodes Each

Synopsis: Onodera Ritsu has just transferred from his father’s publishing company to Marukawa Shoten. 342 more words


31 Days of Horror: PET SHOP OF HORRORS

It’s been said that a pet can cheer you up whenever you’re feeling depressed or down. If you happen upon one of Count D’s pets from  347 more words


JunJou Romantica Review

Genre Tags: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Seasons/Episodes: 2 Seasons, 12 Episodes Each

Synopsis: Three very different couples caught up in a storm of pure romance! 382 more words


Pokemon Origins Review

Red, a new pokemon trainer, sets out on a journey to help Professor Oak complete the pokedex. But he’s not alone. His rival, Blue, is out there for the same reason and he’s not an easy opponent to beat. 361 more words


Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 2 and 3

I’m really going to be looking forwards to weekends now that I have an episode of Magic Kaito waiting for me. 1,145 more words

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Barakamon Review

Never has there been as many instances where an anime was successful in showing nostalgic sentimentality with regards to making us feel homely inside. This once in a blue moon example, that is boasted with sentimentality, shows some of the strangest goofy humor that wouldn’t normally be in a show like… 996 more words