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Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere Series Collection - Review

War is a reality. It’s something we as humans have come to somewhat understand, and we know that it isn’t good. It spreads death and sadness, and benefits no party. 1,614 more words


Fall 2014 Plans

Fall (or Autumn), where the weather outside feel a little cool and the leaves from trees start to change colours.

So what are our Plans this season? 708 more words


The Severing Crime Edge Series Collection Review

Throughout history, there have been those whose actions allow them to exist far beyond their lifespan. Records, memories, stories, any number of medium detailing how one person managed to leave a mark on the world. 1,640 more words


Hanayamata Episode 10

guuuuuh I was supposed to post this earlier but I ended up being way too busy with work. Here’s (last) week’s Hanayamata review! 740 more words

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SAKASAMA NO PATEMA Review: Adventure in a Unique and Deftly Crafted Setting

The trademark styling of writer / director Yasuhiro Yoshiura typically evokes a unique, immersing, and unmistakable timbre that captures the viewers’ attention. From the quietly popular  1,155 more words


Review - Pokemon Origins (OVA)


Based on the classic video games Pokemon Red and Blue for the game boy. A young boy named Red is asked to do a seemingly impossible task of capturing all 149 kinds of creatures known as Pokemon. 584 more words

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