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Attack on Titan Part 01 anime review

If you’ve had a conversation or two about anime or manga during the past year, there’s an excellent chance that someone has mentioned Attack on Titan. 1,614 more words


Psycho Pass, complete Season 01 review

“…people have found a way to analyse a person’s mind. The intelligence of science finally uncovered the secret of our souls and our society has changed drastically because of it. 812 more words


Summer 2014 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 3: #8 to #1, The Good Stuff

Eight titles are left to cover. Seven of these titles are new series with only a single series being a carryover from a previous season. Not bad for a season that typically considered one of the weaker ones. 1,827 more words


Puella Magi Madoka Magica - #5

Kitty grows Pinocchio ears.

Girl falls dramatically to the floor; a ton of random shit flies up from the ground. Screw physics.

Sudden thought: why are these kids allowed pink and blue hair to school? 44 more words


Robotics;Notes Part 01 review

Anime Reporter gets things moving with Robotics;Notes Part 1 (episodes 1-11). As some astute and well-versed anime fans have no doubt already deduced from the title, this is the latest anime series to follow in the footsteps of Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate ( 859 more words


Teddy is a Happy Bunny

After discovering the Anime Inu x Boku SS and inevitably falling in love with it, I found myself feeling distraught when I finished binge watching the series. 274 more words


FLCL - #1

Girl on a motorbike brandishing a guitar runs into some kid and knocks him to the ground. Right.

Her hand does a 360 spin when she stops. 169 more words