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Love Anime You Should Watch

Nowadays, lots of anime series have been released on the market and even on the internet. Due to their large number, it’s not easy to find good love anime series unless you are an anime addict. 721 more words

Anime Series

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan

In days of old, people feared yokai. The one who stood at the helm and led the night parade of a hundred demons was known as the Supreme Commander of the yokai. 991 more words


Dragon Ball GT Part 2 (Part 1 Spoilers)

Anime Reporter dives for cover during our review of Dragon Ball GT: Part 2, the final episodes of one of anime’s most famous and popular franchises. 725 more words


#AtoZBlogChallenge: Baccano!

A to Z Blog Challenge topic: Baccano!

Baccano! is an anime series, released by Funimation in North America, that is set in the 1930′s during the height of the Great Depression. 286 more words


Sword Art Online Part 4

Anime Reporter journeys one more time to the world of Sword Art Online for part four of the series and the finale of Sword Art Online, (though a recent revelation that Sword Art Online II is in the pipeline has been causing some excitement around the Anime Reporter offices). 606 more words


Top 5 Anime Series

I’ve been a bid fan of Anime for many years and I’ve seen many different series in my personal collection I have around 170 different anime series, ovas, and movies. 665 more words


Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower

Anime Reporter breaks its fingers attempting the cross-temporal jutsu for Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower, the fourth movie in the Shippuden series and the seventh overall Naruto movie. 700 more words