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Review - Kill la Kill Collection 01 - (Episodes 1-8)

Anime Reporter sets the scene for Kill la Kill Collection 01 (Episodes 01-08), the bizarre anime where character are literally dressed(-ish) to kill.

Ryuko Matoi arrives as Honnouji Academy, eager to get some answers about her father’s murder, and she’s not necessarily going to be polite about it. 767 more words


Puella Magi Madoka Magica - #6

OK, why the hell is that there.

What the hell is that.

That is the creepiest dog I’ve ever seen.

Ice, ice, baby.

Why is the glass being stroked.



Review - Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Anime Reporter heads back to the high-flying, hard-hitting world of Dragon Ball Z to bring my take on the latest film of the franchise; Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.  794 more words


Review - Naruto Shippuden Movie 05: Blood Prison

Anime Reporter takes a peek at life behind bars with Naruto Shippuden the Movie 05: Blood Prison.

While naturally enough, this film takes place outside the regular anime and manga continuity, it does exist at around a certain point within Naruto’s tale so if you’re not more or less up to date with the words ‘Fourth Great Ninja War’, there’s a chance you could encounter a few characters or plot points that might leave you with a wee bit of puzzlement. 608 more words


Review - Dragon Ball Collection 05 (Piccolo Jr. Saga)

Anime Reporter ushers in the end of an anime era with Dragon Ball Collection 05 (episodes 123-153), also known as the Piccolo Jr. Saga, bringing the series to a close. 708 more words


Review - Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 01

Anime Reporter strolls down Nostalgia Lane for a glance at the very first season, (that’s a pretty hefty 49 episodes), of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the anime series set around a duelling card game that pits magical and fantastic monsters against each other. 1,041 more words