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Wallpaper of The Week: Konjiki no Yami x Kurosaki Mea

I’m going with a flavour of yuri in this week’s wallpaper since you can’t go wrong with yuri. Additionally, it’s from ToLoveRu so this wallpaper is dedicated to you, ToLoveRu’s fan.   12 more words


Studio Gainax Month: Here's An Anime Rap Battle!

Kanade Tachibana vs. Rei Ayanami

The Dead Sea Scrolls should have warned us, at least
That the world would be destroyed by an angsty hose-beast… 340 more words

Akuma no Riddle – Episode 3

2 episodes of setting up the premise. TIME TO FIGHT SOME ASSASSINS.


Advice from Japanese women on dealing with your boyfriend’s anime girlfriend

Early on in a couple’s romantic relationship, there’s still a lot the two individuals don’t know about each other. Each date is another step in the gradual process of discovering things about your partner while at the same time revealing a little more of yourself. 1,343 more words


Anime again

^ Opening of Kamisama Hajimemashita :) I randomly chanced upon this anime about 5 days ago (???) while watching some random clip of Ouran HS Host Club. 119 more words

Post Seasonal Anime Review: Winter 2013/14

This is supposed to be a seasonal post yet I have already skipped two seasons back to back… hopefully I can continue to keep this project up… 3,265 more words