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Fun With Numbers: The West-Side All Stars

Something I stumbled onto a while a go that made me curious was a seemingly non-trivial connection between myanimelist popularity in the sales boosts of both… 543 more words


BiBi (ビビ) - No Brand Girls

Yoshino | Pile | Sora

(Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay! isshin icchou!)
(Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay! hora makenai yo ne?)

kuyashii na mada no brand… 801 more words


Lacrimosa - Kalafina Lyrics

When i search for Black Butler OST, i found this one. It heard a little sorrow and misterious. But I love it, i used much violin :D. 498 more words

Anime Lover....

Printemps (プランタン) - Wonderful Rush (素晴らしいラッシュ)

Emi | Aya | Yurika

dan-dan kokoro, dan-dan atsuku
yume ippai kanaete miseru
dan-dan susumu, dan-dan hajikeru
mirai wo shikkari mite!

(hi hi, Susume! mada mada Let’s go!! 1,128 more words



Some might want to vent some bottled up feelings that result from that almost annoying and thorny truth called Forever Alone.
There are those people out there who love characters from anime and manga. 216 more words

Ping-Pong Ep. 2: Robots Need Love Too

I have to say, Ping-Pong is kinda hard to write about.


Mekakucity Actors, Ep 1 & 2: Fame doesn't solve everything

If I had to repeat a grade, I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by tape recorders either.