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Rail Wars!: Trains, trains, and more trains

And so the show about wars on rails has come to an end, and did it live up to its expectation of being the quintessential Japanese cartoon about trains? 794 more words


F (CHK sub is no good)

Ugh, I really want to watch this show so bad, but the subtitles are completely wrong.  It’s not just grammatical errors or bad timing, the translation are totally incorrect.  182 more words


Black Dynamite Digs October

A date for the season 2 premier of Black Dynamite has been announced. Our favorite black karate cat is coming to us October 18. Black Dynamite follows a private eye who lives in the 70’s and is based of off an action/comedy by the same name with Michael Jai White reparsing his role as the main character. 16 more words


Reviews of Yesteryear: Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood Comparison

Anyone who’s familiar with anime has likely heard of Fullmetal Alchemist. The manga and the two anime based off of it have both become powerhouses in the industry both by themselves and with merchandise: plushies, video games, wall scrolls and so on. 1,292 more words


Pokemon: Sylveon

I got a Sylveon figurine a while ago… Decided to post it’s cuteness…


Terror In Resonance Episode 10


Nine turns himself in to the police, but Twelve doesn’t know how to face him after what he did to save Lisa. Meanwhile, Shibazaki confronts the brain behind the Athena project. 805 more words



Hey, ihr dort draußen!

Ich persönlich bin ja total begeistert von dem Anime Hanayamata. Wie man auf meiner About-Seite lesen kann bin ich nicht nur ein Anime- und Manga-Fan sondern auch total begeistert von der japanischen Kultur. 153 more words