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Beech Trees in Autumn

“I’m not sure if my sense of the beechwood’s watery aura was just an aesthetic conceit, or whether I was subconsiously beginning to glimpse something fundamental about how they worked -the slipperiness of life inside them, the glacial quality of their familiars as they unfurled themselves in the shadows and merged into the slow flowing rythms of the wood.  240 more words


Time and the river

There are two major rivers that are important in my immediate region. One is known today as the Willamette, and the other as the Columbia. 852 more words

Land And Land Spirits

May you be remembered

For the plants:

- Wikstroemia skottsbergiana, aka Skottsberg’s Wikstroemia. Its only known locations were in Hanalei and Kauhao Valleys on Kauai.

- Chrysophyllum januariense, a tree of lowland coastal rainforest; collected only from Laranjeiras Forest, Rio de Janeiro, it can no longer be found there. 5,379 more words

Land And Land Spirits

The Blackest Earth, Reclaiming Alchemy?

Several years ago, when writing an article on Ted Hughes, Shaman of the Tribe, I decided to have a look at The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, … 1,394 more words