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An Animist's Bookshelf - Jim Crumley on Eagles, Swans, and Bears.

Jim Crumley has long been one of my favourite nature writers.  When I read his books I often find myself muttering “yes”, particularly when he’s describing encounters with birds.  1,367 more words


Animism on T.V ? Part 1 - Gordon Buchanan with Guillemots and Black Bears.

The work of wildlife film makers is a good place to look at the overlap between natural history and animism, especially when the latter is taken to refer to worldviews and lifeways grounded in respectful relationship and dialogue with a wide range of autonomous and sentient other-than-human beings.(1)  Animism, of course, becomes more problematic for many scientific ecologists when also defined in terms of belief in a minded or ensouled cosmic nature that includes realms and beings (‘spirits’, ancestors, deities, and so forth) that are invisible to most of us for most of the time. 1,217 more words


Age and Beauty - Some Portraits of Older Birch Trees.

This wonderfully scultped Birch beside the River Wharfe seemed to be marking a village boundary, which felt right, given that Birches have long been associated with protection and boundary marking.  153 more words