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What plants talk about

In connection to my recent attempts to understand both myself and Hofgaard, I’ve stared learning what I can about plants. It hasn’t been easy (I’m not sure I’ve seen a definitive picture of an oak tree’s root system, for example) but it has been mostly interesting. 146 more words


That Didn't Work

So, in my last post, I wrote that I was going to try and examine my spirit and attempt to understand the ‘shape’ or ‘nature’ of my own spirit, and to try and figure out how living in a human body influenced that. 428 more words


Relating to Spirits

I have to admit to this: I don’t know what I’m writing in the post. I’ve decided to start up a bit of ‘research’ (when it’s in quotes, it tends to mean Googling and reading online) on how other people approach animal/plant spirits. 298 more words


Welcoming the Darkness at the Solstice.

I have to admit to succumbing to the lack of light recently.  At this time of the year the sun dips below the nearby hill not long after 2 p.m.  582 more words