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"Am I Going Mad?" A Note on Hearing Human and Other Voices.

My mentor in what I now think of as post-spiritualist matters was an older woman who had been a nurse in the days before effective analgesics eased the process of dying.  778 more words


Food, Sex, and Strangers: Graham Harvey on Religion as Everyday Life.

My perspective on animism owes much to Graham Harvey’s historical overview and emphasis on the need for respectful relationship, not least between humans and other-than-human beings, but what I enjoyed most about… 1,708 more words


Some Images from Recent Walks, For Various Friends.

All images: B.T. Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, August/September 2014Double click on an image for clearer view. 23 more words


As Summer Fades (Memory, Image, and Symbol).

Heather Moorland, A Distinctive Local Habitat.


There’s been a definite chill in the air recently.  A flock of about fifty house martins came swooping round the hillside, contentedly chittering to each other.  1,443 more words


Reconnecting Astrology with its Animist Roots.

The belt of sky along which the planets wander has long been known as the zodiac, from the ancient Greek zodiakos – ‘circle of animals’ or ‘sculpted animal figures’.  1,165 more words


Appropriating Sedna.

The following notes ponder the difficulty, perhaps my difficulty, in coming to terms with our fast evolving map of the solar system.  Although this is the first in a series of posts on astrology and animism, you don’t need to be an astrologer to read it.  2,394 more words