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Pocahontas and Spirituality

Since Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, and the holiday season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to talk about spirituality – or more specifically, spirituality in Pocahontas. 2,856 more words


With a CK.

I’m pretty sure I believe in what could be called magick (with a CK). I don’t believe in the supernatural, though, and the two are frustratingly interwoven (as I’m sure alchemy and chemistry once were). 483 more words


Indigenous Evangelists in Kenya Go Where Few Others Dare

Christian Aid / 20 NOV 2014 – Bandits, tribal turf battles and Islamist terrorists – not to mention lack of modern facilities and basic necessities – are enough to keep many foreign missionaries from certain areas in Kenya. 997 more words


Riding the Crazy Train

Reviewed: God Speaking, By Judith O’Grady

What little Pagan philosophy I’ve read has been a little scant on actual theory on the world or, for that matter, theory.   2,532 more words

Gods And Mortals


In Chamula they worship Coca Cola,

burping out devils

in a crucifix-less church.


Passage: A Day of Ritual for Women

With Mikki Baloy


An act or instance of moving from one place, condition, or state to another; transit.

The permission, right, or freedom to do so. 860 more words