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Being on the island of Oahu, on the side of the Haumea Bay, traveling alongside the immense cliffs with the thundering sapphire sea crashing onto the black stained rocks,I can feel the terrible and awesome power of nature, and how little we people all are in comparison. 44 more words


There are about 500 seals in total around the Hawaiian islands. All of them are tagged so that they can be kept track of at all times. 13 more words


Shark gods in Hawaii come in two kinds. There are benevolent one that dont eat human meat, and malevolent ones that eat people. There is one particularly interesting story about a good (non-people eating) Shark god who fell in love with a beautiful girl, had a child with her (in his human form) and in a strange twist the son was born a lovely baby except for the shark mouth on his back. 67 more words

On Oahu

One mythic being surveying the land.

Annual Countdown: Honourable Mentions 2014

I have spoken about Tanya Tagaq before in this space.  She very won this years Polaris Music Prize. Her performance at the Gala was nothing short of amazing.  94 more words


Taking my little gods to Oahu

Whale baby god

Dirt and mud god.

Coconut god.

Oyster gods.

Papaya god.

Rock god.

These are some of the little guys who will soon be in place in Oahu, their real home. 20 more words