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Astrology and New Materialism

There is a new player on the academic playing field. It is call New Materialism. New Materialism is basically a reworking of ancient animism. Animism is the worldview that non-human entities (animals, plants, and inanimate objects or phenomena), possess a spiritual essence or a soul. 128 more words


The Sun is losing venom.
Snake rests in hollow log, protruding.
I grasp for the tail, summer slides through my fingers.

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A Force to be reckoned with: religion in Star Wars

It is difficult to say if the Force is one true religion or something tangible. Or could it be both? It certainly has the Prophecy part which involves a destiny that cannot be unchanged; even if he collapsed to the Dark Side, Anakin erased Palpatine while under the disguise of Darth Vader. 381 more words

Cultural Influences

Morning Meditation

I was feeding the horses one morning when I saw this stump in the ground.  I went kicking around the stump and found that someone had, at some point, tossed several big rocks around it—probably when it was still a tree leaning over the paddock fence. 521 more words


Bioregional Denial, or the Great Sycamore Debate of 2014

Tonight I’m a little grouchy. I was just ranting about (1) what I consider the delusional landscaping of the area in which I live and (2) my frustrated search for affordable bones from pastured animals for making soup stock. 1,167 more words