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'Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! They are us!'

An internet cookie to anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post. Anyone? Click here for the answer.

The lovely Philip Carr-Gomm… 134 more words


The Pancake Machine

On the last day of the PLC, I couldn’t sleep. So I woke up 40 minutes too early. I went down to the canteen to snag breakfast. 932 more words


Collapse and Awaken: submission for the Dark Mountain (Final)

This is the last part of the Dark Mountain piece, which as I read it again after so long, appears rather forced. It reminds me of how much further I need to go in developing my writing skills and I am afraid to say that I am guilty of letting enthusiasm get the better of me at times, with this piece being one of those occasions. 1,615 more words


Holy Tree

I love it when by happenstance I come upon a natural shrine or altar somewhere in nature that other people have been drawn to. Here is a redwood tree from a beautiful grove in the Berkeley/Oakland hills that has attracted devotion. 10 more words



On television last night I watched a program about an American man, Dan McLaughlin.

McLaughlin didn’t play much golf at all until he was 30, and then after hacking his way through nine holes, wondered if he was to dedicate himself to the game, spend 10,000 hours of concentrated practice, whether he could reach professional level. 160 more words


Boa Masks

The Boa people (AKA Baboa, Bwa, Ababua) live in the northern savannah region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today, as in the past, the majority of Boa make a living by hunting, fishing, and subsistence farming. 324 more words


Primal Energy and Nature

As many of you who read my blog already know, I have a huge respect for nature and the natural world, this includes humans as well as the more ordered – man made gardens and natural places. 489 more words