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The Funeral Party

When we first deposited at our host home, the truck filled with the other VSO-ICS volunteers driving off into the distance (okay – the village), we were left on our own to get to know our host family. 1,175 more words

About Cambodia


The only “deity” I am really close to is the Mother Earth, and she seems to be sleeping. The trees I have become friends with over the past couple years are now sleeping, too. 240 more words

Research Seminar: Adivasis (original dwellers), animists or...? Hindu nationalists and the counting of Hindus

Adivasis (original dwellers), animists or…? Hindu nationalists and the counting of Hindus

Gwilym Beckerlegge, Professor of Modern Religions. He has a particular interest in the religions of South Asia and Japan from the nineteenth century to the present. 320 more words

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Alternative Take on Reincarnation

One thing about me is, I tend to philosophize a great deal in my mind for no reason, without intention. Sometimes I daydream about places I’d like to go or things I want to do and other times I leisurely ponder the meaning of life. 759 more words


Qui est vraiment Nathaniel Sorcier Vaudou ... un merdeux !!!!

Tu as raison Nathaniel, tu as mis le pied dans la merde et ça n’était pas le gauche !

Nathaniel Sorcier Vaudou est peut être sorcier mais pas vaudouisant ! 613 more words

Hollow bone, holy grail

Clean slate, clear channel is the same as the Hollow Bone Lakota term. The concept of Hollow Bone is found in native and indigenous teachings. Energy work such as reiki has the practitioner work from the position of neutral observer is employing the same techniques. 267 more words