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A Review of 'Animosity'

A season of reading is upon us.  And I begin with a story that packs a lot of emotion and action.

‘Animosity’ by James Newman is the tale of a divorced horror writer who makes a grisly discovery in his suburban neighborhood.  185 more words

I Hate Hate

There aren’t a lot of people that can honestly say they haven’t felt the intense emotion that’s hatred.

I know I intensely dislike some people – whom I consider despicable. 329 more words

Negative Emotions

Professional Deflection

For a Master Class in professional deflection, this clip shows how not to answer a direct question.

This is very sad as it explains the sickness infecting the body politic of the first world. 293 more words


Why Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

I normally don’t mix business with pleasure, so I keep relationships at work formal, knowing where the lines are and drawing them clearly. I am nowhere near perfect, but I do have a strong definition of what’s ethical and what’s not. 721 more words


Travesty Trundles On

Well, sad to report that the Chesterfield Magistrates’ conviction against Mrs Shirt was upheld today, in Derby. As the defendants told nothing but the truth and the witnesses for the Crown/Police told a barrage of lies, I know, first-hand the Law is indeed an ass. 513 more words