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"If you don't adapt, you will perish." -My Higher Self (Soul)

I keep realizing that quite a few people think they are helping me, but they really aren’t. Want to help me? I mean really? For real? 117 more words


Animosity Members Reunite In Entheos

Animosity members, Evan Brewer (ex-The Faceless), Navene Koperweis (ex-Animals As Leaders) and Frank Costa have reunited in a new band called Entheos. The band’s lineup also includes vocalist, Chaney Crabb (Systems), who recently made headlines for her Veil Of Maya… 19 more words


Quickies: Leaders from Hypocrisy and Rammstein team up, updates from Saxon, and new stuff from Moonspell

I’m going to second Dan’s take on the day. Spontaneous combustion would be an adequate action for a lot of things. 2015… get your shit together. 262 more words


Of religions and religious animosity

Why has the world suddenly become a place where followers of every religion are trying to prove that their religion is the best? Why this slapping of religions in your face? 416 more words

You're Good As Dead To Me

I keep bringing up past events because I dwell on the past a lot. I guess it comes with being an over thinker. For example, a friend of mine told me when I had my first “real” break up “You have to treat a break up like you would a death.” It made more sense at the time because she was trying to tell me “I know you wanna see, say, or do whatever to this person but, you’ve got to deal with this like you would as if this person passed away. 617 more words


Why should I cuss you out?

I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that my animosity is casual.


As my practice has continued our the years I find that I am ever more inclined to push myself to win over those who seem to harbor animosity towards me for whatever reason. 135 more words