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Wandering Thoughts XII: This Shit Couldn't be Any Funnier

So, I called my bosses out a couple of weeks ago for their unethical and discriminatory actions and behavior. I wrote a 7 page letter to the store manager explaining it all and asking him to review the situation. 1,111 more words


O Lord, help me not to despise or oppose what I do not understand. – William Penn

Assignment Two - first thoughts

The assignment brief first asks us to consider what kinds of subjects might be seen as unphotographical and how we might go about portraying them using photography.  585 more words

Part 2 - Narrative

Could Sibling Rivalry Be Influencing My Decision?

Don’t know if I would say sibling rivalry.  More like sibling mistrust.  Sibling unresolved anger.  Something like that.  This estranged relationship that I have with my half brother has become relevant in a completely irrelevant situation. 921 more words


Sharing Eckhart Tolle - Let Anger Go

 We cannot serve anyone with whom we have animosity. We have to make a conscious choice to own our peace, and protect it.  Find time each day to quiet your mind to reflect upon  65 more words

Tiny Buddha

Wandering Thoughts III

The Raging River of Sorrow

Since I’m in a fuck the world mood at the moment, I figure I’d go with it.

It sure beats the pain the depression brings that’s brought on by das loneliness.

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