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Sunday Travel Quote

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai

Travel Quotes

the amount of discomfort

“His jokes were always directed against others, and they were quite ferocious under cover of the geniality that seemed proper to the ambience of a dinner party or a reception at the club. 56 more words


not during their childhood

“One could be forgiven for thinking Papa’s chosen role was scowling, Mama’s scolding. Since every adult had to have a role, and these were their parents’, the children did not question their choice. 10 more words


come, come see!

“On a table in the centre, an antique globe, round as a teapot, with a map on it centuries out of date, showing continents that had shifted or disappeared and oceans that had spread or shrunk, and portraying marine life—spouting whales, flying fish, as well as mythical creatures like sirens and mermaids, all beckoning: come, come see!” 6 more words


none was expected, or given

“Their opinion differed so rarely that if Mama refused to let Aruna wear a pearl necklace to the matinée at the Regal cinema or Papa decided Uma could not take music lessons after school, there was no point in appealing to the other parent for a different verdict: none was expected, or given.”

— Anita Desai, Fasting, Feasting


never read another book

“Her lectures became perfunctory; she no longer cared if they did not inspire her students with the same passion she felt for literature. The Mill on the Floss, Emma, Persuasion —what did they mean to these girls? 51 more words


dull, turgid prose

“She suffered from a sense that she was struggling, like a drowning fly, to raise herself up from the dull, turgid prose before her and somehow recover the art of flying.” 6 more words