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A person needs a loads of patience and time in hand to read books by Anita Desai. Not just because they are difficult reads, but because they make you consider, mull, stop in between and reflect your state of mind and heart, and make you come back to the book/s in bits and parts. 692 more words


The week in reading 3/15

This week has been slow – there are deadlines creeping up on a couple of academic assignments. So much of my time has been spent on reading of a different kind…..and I am traveling over the weekend.  328 more words

Books And Reading

her voice sweet with pleading

“She reached out her hand to catch Uma’s. ‘I need your help, beti,’ she coaxed, her voice sweet with pleading. Uma wrenched her hand free.”

— Anita Desai, Fasting, Feasting


a cavernous cafeteria

“The truth was that he had no plans, only the hope that his time in the US would continue in this manner, that he could always share a cell of a room with a silent roommate who concealed his facial expressions behind a screen of smoke, that he would attend lectures where the lecturer never even learnt his name, and find food in a cavernous cafeteria where no one tried to sit beside him.”

— Anita Desai, Fasting, Feasting


how glibly his father lied

“‘I’ll let you wear it one day—when you can say “Kur-fürst-en-damm”,’ he offered, and the child knew it was an offer that would evaporate along with all the others and looked away in embarrassment at how glibly his father lied.” 6 more words


read Simone de Beauvoir

“‘Why do you want to waste your time reading Suvarna Devi? You won’t get a job at a university if you do. You need to read Jane Austen, George Eliot and Simone de Beauvoir. 31 more words


the ambition to write

“Now she could laugh at those rejections and the way she had taken them to heart, letting their poison seep into her till the urge to write, the ambition to write, had quite died inside her.” 6 more words