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I'm Allowed to Run Again! ... Sort of...

After nearly 2 weeks of not running and swearing at my ankles, I finally saw an orthopedist yesterday. He initially seemed a bit flummoxed that I still have full range of motion in my foot and that I can wiggle everything without pain, but the little yelp I gave when he pressed a finger into the soft spot below the ankle bone was apparently plenty for a diagnosis: a tear in my tendon. 302 more words


Jordan Farmar Destroyed Trey Burke's Ankles with Behind-the-Back and Crossover Combo

Buried in the annals of a relatively inconsequential game between the Lakers and Jazz, Jordan Farmar was moving the ball up the court, when suddenly he executed a behind-the-back dribble that sent Trey Burke falling on his ass. 57 more words


An open letter from my Cankles to the rest of my body {And the World}

Dear Erin and all Pregnant Women of the World,

You may have noticed recently that your ankles and calves have somehow become one entity, often times referred to as the Cankle…yep, that’s me. 460 more words


Focusing on Feet Again

Not my feet. I can’t get into flip flops. Or Birkenstocks.


While thinking about the foot massage I mentioned the other day, I was also mourning the loss of the cute feet I used to have. 92 more words

What if

What if you were on a first date and could see into the future
What this person is like
In writing
In bed
In crisis… 34 more words

Avoid ankle breakers on the hike!

Strong ankles are important when you’re hiking especially on long distance hikes. To strengthen your ankles you can use different ankle prehab exercises and those below are the ones I like the best when I’m training myself. 553 more words


While Running at 6 AM.

The crystals of decomposition are building in our ankles,
swollen after waking, aching from the sidewalks
that slam into them at whatever speed we travel, 158 more words