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Exercises I've been told to do;

  • Single leg extension with toe pointed out.
  • Eccentric pistol squat
  • Bosu/balance ball squats
  • Alphabets (writing the alphabet with my leg lying on my side)
  • Side lunges/squats…
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Legs, Legs Hooray!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!
Just got back from the gym and I have a delicious dinner cooking. I’m making Colonel Mustard Pork Chops with baked Rosemary and Basil Sweet potatoes! 940 more words

Fitness And Workouts

Aches and Pains

This past weekend was pretty rough.  Seeing as I am back in retail I now work mostly weekends.  I find it funny how I always complained about working weekends and now I kind of love it.   671 more words

How to Find Something Black in a Black Car* In 15 Simple Steps

Step 1
Go to the garage where your black car (with dark gray interior) is located.  Make sure it is nighttime, and that the garage door is closed.   575 more words


9 pound loss in two days, ankles hurt so bad still..., I hate this job due to the pain and few of my co-workers and nurses, and I know I will reach goal and going back in time....

Today is 6/29/2014 exactly 12am.

Today marks day three as of 12am.

You can work a very demanding job all day long on your feet…but only so much you can lose and sometimes just gain in weight. 2,168 more words

Swollen & Painful...

After a 10-hour work day, I came home and looked down and noticed that BOTH ankles and feet were swollen.

This is the first time my ankles have been swollen this bad. 108 more words