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Day 6: The Thrill of October & Why I Cannot Dance

Fun fact of the day: Did you know Audrey Hepburn wanted to be a ballet dancer? No, really. She wanted to do dance and never really considered becoming an actress. 432 more words

I heard them say

Two conversations come to my mind when I think of the influences that shaped me. I was not a participant in either of them. Rather, I was a shameless eavesdropper. 554 more words

Writing 101

I had a particularly pompous college Literature prof who loved to pontificate. Once he’d made a pronouncement, there was nothing more to be said. The class was aching to see him taken down.

55 more words

That Little Russian Novel (I can't stop thinking about)

Anna Karenina.

There’s something mysterious about that little Russian social novel. There’s an intangible quality, a feeling in the air every time I open it. 1,706 more words

The Sound of Butterflies | Book Review

The premise of The Sound of Butterflies was incredibly promising: a scientific expedition through the Amazon, paralleled with a deep mystery to be solved on explorer Thomas Edgar’s return to England. 271 more words


What I learned from Anna Karenina

I have been lacking in my posts once again. My only excuse is that my thesis is in its death throes and I’m trying to deliver the final blow. 525 more words

Serious Stuff

World Premiere: Anna Karenina by Christian Spuck

I am really excited to announce that I will be dancing the fantastic role of Anna Karenina in Christian Spuck’s new creation: Anna Karenina. I am delighted that he has choreographed the new ballet for me, I am extremely proud and thankful for this opportunity to perform such an iconic role. 22 more words