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noodling: WTF is fashion

I throw around words like “fashion” and “style” all the time, but what do I mean by them exactly?

Sometimes, I don’t really know. Sorry. I’m still figuring out things too. 268 more words

Alexa Chung

Anna Wintour Reigns Tighter in Condé Nast

We hope it’s not life imitating art but it seems like the legendary Editrix, Anna Wintour is tightening her reign on Condé Nast.

Since her ascend last year as the company’s Creative Director across all titles, Wintour has been busy going up and down the building revamping one magazine at a time from Lucky, Glamour, Traveler, and Self.  284 more words


Charles y las reivindicaciones

Al ver el discurso inaugural del nuevo Costume Institute´s Anna Wintour Costume Center, no pensar en reivindicación es imposible. Lejos de hacer una exaltación patriótica o nacionalista que hoy en día se hacen fervientes protagonistas incluso de la polémica que suscita una taza de café, si llamó la atención sobre la manera en que algunos lideres norteamericanos, logran inscribir procesos de reivindicación en un mundo que clama por doquier la necesidad de este tipo de ejercicios y lo hago sin vergüenza. 804 more words


My Inspiration

“Fashion goes only one direction, forward; and I am a firm believer in thinking that way too” – Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour she does not need any new introduction.

120 more words
American Vogue


Among my generation of friends, Instagrammers and doting stalking paparazzi, if you don’t have photographic evidence – it never happened.

Take for example, yesterday’s lunch. 413 more words

The Joke Is On Us

Here at the shore I have high-security, Internet and television all in one big blob of a bill every month. Since I don’t watch that much television and I read a lot, I cut down on just the basic cable channels coming into the house. 471 more words

Over Age Fifty

Who knew lights could be so catchy?

Over the past six weeks, I’ve had two songs (the second, in particular) stuck in my head the whole time. Here, coupled with cringe-worthy puns, they are: 145 more words

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