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Elizabeth (spoilers!)

Well, after Good Will Hunting it was time for a bad Robin Williams movie. We went with What Dreams May Come and that might confuse you, because maybe you think it’s a good movie. 2,525 more words

You might like What Dreams May Come if...

I watched the Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come last night, the first time since my initial viewing of it in 1998.

I wrote in… 152 more words


What Dreams May Come (1998)

Ersatz New Zealand visionary Vincent Ward had his last Hollywood shot with What Dreams May Come, a poundingly romantic dream tribulation, in which Robin Williams… 60 more words


The Maid's Room Review

Midway through The Maid’s Room, a middling thriller centered on the familiar question of what happens when an illegal alien witnesses illegal activities, director/screenwriter Michael Walker abandons the obvious and takes an unexpected left turn in a narrative that is painfully predictable to that point. 513 more words


Movie Review: "The Maid's Room" Is Predictable And Tired


“The Maid’s Room” is a psychological thriller that explores the complex relationships between truth and justice, hubris and power, wealth and fear.

With “The Maid’s Room”, director Michael Walker sets out to create a psychological suspense thriller but instead, delivers a conventional drama that trudges along at a snail’s pace only to end in an anti-climactic finale that you can see coming a mile away. 528 more words

Movie Reviews

Jungle Fever - The Art of the No Theory

Each time I watch a Spike Lee movie, I fall in love. I fall in love with the atmosphere, the color, the actors, everything. Being a fan of exploitation movies, I had to draw a link between blaxploitation and Lee’s films, and just appreciate them better. 519 more words


Romeo Is Bleeding, Redux (I Have A Huge Crush On Annabella Sciorra)

I really, really, really, really like the above movie.

That’s how I feel right now, in a way.

Another movie that sums up how I feel: 70 more words