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Annabelle Review


Title Of  The Film: Annabelle 

Year It Came Out: 2014

Genre: Horror

The Director(s): John Leonetti, Melody Harrop, Douglas Cumming, Milos Milicevic, Ivan Kraljevic… 541 more words


10 Days of Halloween – The Conjuring

5 – The Conjuring

Clearly, I am on a certain kick now: Ed and Lorraine Warren. I’m reading The Demonologist, watching and listening to the audiobook for… 638 more words


Annabelle (2014) Film Review

Last Saturday, I saw Annabelle, directed by John R. Leonetti, with a friend, and I can describe this movie with one simple word: emotional. (No, Annabelle is not “scary;” instead, it was heart-wrenching and incredibly frustrating.) 483 more words

Horrendous Horror Movies

Creepy Dolls, Creepy Music, and Creepy Ninja Turtles

Boy I haven’t talked about movies in a long while.

With good reason really considering my blog is now called Dash Dot Drizzle which would imply ‘dashing’, ‘dotting’, and ‘drizzling’ and generally all things food related. 640 more words


Digital Audience Ratings: ‘Mockingjay’ Stunt Unlocks Top Slot, ‘Penguins’ Pop With Sneak Peek

Each week Variety publishes ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) – Film, a measurement of fan engagement across all the major digital platforms as it relates to film ( 658 more words