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Oh Dearest Super Koala,

Today I am very much so on time with my post. By the time I finish, it should be before 7. Go me! 538 more words

Super Koala


The word is coming to take many meanings as I hold yet another piece of plastic in my hand.  One to add to her collection, her stable, a symbol of a time simpler, more stable.  216 more words

Annabelle (part 19)

Sitting under a big beech tree in the middle of the field, Annabelle stirred her potion looking satisfied. Eylion had helped her make a small fire, controlled by magic. 6,416 more words


Dearest Captain,

Squeaking in another of my posts not too far before midnight.  The scandal!  However, I’m late today because of prom.  Which was a lovely time.  I wore one of my new Gordman’s dresses and Eric wore an almost matching gray suit.  263 more words

Super Koala

4 Minutes!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I write to you, precariously perched upon my own bed, while you are in my kitchen preparing delicious post-All Time Low Concert milkshakes.  117 more words

Super Koala

Kisah Kewujudan Patung Annabelle

Kisah Kewujudan Patung Annabelle var ultimaFecha = ‘Tuesday, 17 September 2013′;Kenal patung Annabelle? Hmphh, kalau hangpa tengok movie The Conjuring, aku komfom semua yang tengok mesti tau patung Annabelle. 505 more words

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Ferrari Legacy: Chapter 11

Christina Ferrari

I was comforted to see Annabelle married happily. At least her love life was going smoothly. Now I looked forward to the day Blair would find the special someone for herself too. 1,622 more words

Sims 3