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Dreamboat (Claude Binyon, 1952)

My partner described Clifton Webb as “always the best thing he’s in, whether or not that thing is good” and had fond memories of this film as absolutely hilarious, so we bought the DVD in the full knowledge that memory is a tricky thing and that the film might not be as good as recalled but that Webb would probably be worth watching. 486 more words


Anne Francis many blessing always

Anne Francis: American actress in Hollywood from 1950, famous for the sci-fi Shakespeare movie Forbidden Planet (1956) and TV detective Honey West (TV 1965-6).

24 Femmes Per Second: 29 more words


Forbidden Planet (1956) Review

Commander John J. Adams: Nice climate you have here. High oxygen content.

Robby the Robot: I seldom use it myself, sir. It promotes rust. 631 more words


Forbidden Planet (1956)

SPOILER WARNING!!! This post spoils movie Forbidden Planet (1956).

Leslie Nielsen is better known for his parody movies. This is his best movie. This is about thirty years before he became parody specialist. 479 more words