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Annie Leibovitz - The Big Book

One of my favourite photographers today is Annie Leibovitz. When Taschen publishers announced a few months ago that they’ve published a new art book of Annie’s work I thought to myself I have to get a copy. 123 more words


Margaret, Annie and the Chrysler gargoyle

Bourke-White is a legendary photojournalist: aside from the Chrysler building stunt, she was the U.S.’s first female war correspondent, covering World War II and the Korean War, and was the first female photographer to work on  90 more words


Florence Welch Ethereal For Vogue

British songstress Florence Welch makes a cameo in the August ‘Age’ issue of US Vogue magazine. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Grace Coddington… 16 more words


Amy Adams Dreamy For Vogue

Big Eyes‘ actress Amy Adams gets profiled in the August ‘Age’ issue of US Vogue magazine. Lensed by photographer Annie Leibovitz and styled by… 23 more words


Jessica Chastain Flaunts Sexy Skin For Vogue

Flame-haired beauty Jessica Chastain smoulders for her feature in the August ‘Age’ Issue of US Vogue magazine. Photographed by the noted Annie Leibovitz and styled by… 26 more words


Julianne Moore Divine For Vogue

Ageless redhead Julianne Moore is simply divine for her appearance in the August ‘Age’ issue of US Vogue magazine. The 53-year-old Hollywood leading lady poses under the camera lens of the famed… 33 more words


secret verse

(ph. Annie Leibovitz)

love plays such tricks
the blind lead the circumspect
round and round in circles,
and in the hour of truth
secretly (can you my find my heart, are you able to?) 11 more words