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Standards for Bank Robbers

You go into a bank, you produce a gun, and order the cash, gun goes off, injures someone, homeless at the time, judge gives you twenty,  local press cheers, as does the public, you’re a bank, tax free zone, you lend,  to those who propose,  to take over a small country, the details vague, the return is big, you get the applause, respect of the press, such a shrewd move, in difficult circumstances, you helped over throw, a government interested in people, the financiers came from a gaggle of sources, the owners of the money not established, assorted funds well branded banks and others, five hundred thousand lives ruined, many are murdered and imprisoned etc etc, they treat the guy with gun harshly, ignoring the organizers… 105 more words


Almost Forgotten

The wind blows, it’s misty, the cold has given way to mild, the cut is easy, makes sitting reasonable, ten in the morning, another seven hours to go. 217 more words


five things for friday - christmas albums

Welcome to this new hopefully-quite-frequent series of posts, Five Things for Friday! I anticipate that many different things will be covered, and hopefully they will make you smile and/or inform you of five new things. 482 more words


Et joyeux Noël Félix!

It’s that time of the year again!

Le génocide de sapins va bon train, les familles attachent des boules à leurs carcasses en chantonnant de belles chansons pleines d’espoir et d’amour sur le thème du christ rédempteur, de la neige enchanteresse et des jolis cadeaux apportés par l’égérie de Coca-Cola. 515 more words


Classic Rock Almanac December 2, 2014


Today’s Question: The Rolling Stones began recording the song “Brown Sugar” 45 years ago today (December 2nd, 1969).

At what famous studio in the American South did the Stones record the song? 350 more words


If sweet dreams are made of these...

…then salty nightmares are made of sketchy choices and late night burnt food truck tacos.


'Denouement' -- An Answer To Annie Lennox's 'Why' (In The Style Of Radiohead)

This is a first draft. Given some time to reflect upon it, I would make the lyrics much more vague and spare like a Radiohead song usually is. 313 more words