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Det er ikke anti-feministisk

En rekke artister som definerer seg som feminister, med Miley Cyrus og Beyoncé i spissen, har satt twerking på plakaten. Mange har argumentert for at twerking er en del av kvinners seksuelle frigjøring, i likhet med å kle seg akkurat som man vil, og ligge med hvem man vil, hvor ofte man vil. 489 more words

Ten Things That Occured To Me This Month

Do you think U2 would have an easier time getting there if Bono used GPS where the streets have no name?

I bet it would be really hard for a comedian to tell jokes in front of crickets. 228 more words


Sex Crimes

Edgy topic, room becomes hot, the talk ceases, does he mean it, no one speaks,  hush, before you open your mouth, not allowed discuss this, her perfume is potent, his response electric, immediately interested, suddenly listens, others notice, only sex they remark, used to be love that connected us, upstairs fourteen year old surfs, technically advanced, gets around protective software, in a another chat room, strangers without limits, he’s excited, footsteps, he closes page, doing my homework mam, she retreats down the stairs, elsewhere, young boy watches television, understands the connotation, giggles and laughs, this is the adult life, can’t wait to get older, can’t grow up fast enough, elsewhere, campaigners on street, seeking another sort of device, privately twisted publicly upright, eventually it merges into one, child become devious adult, father has affairs, the marriage becomes an arrangement, the wife becomes medicated, can’t deal with it, her world is sexually saturated, intimacy isn’t deemed important, can get it in online, society can’t agree on it, civil libertines I suppose, your here for a good time, it’s not about prudence, it’s control, it’s not about desire, it’s the sheer scale of the need, when half the world is totally addicted


Radio XLVI, side A, track 7: "The King & Queen Of America" by Eurythmics

Oh, Eurythmics, it’s so great to be hearing from you again so soon.  I’d forgotten just how much I love your music and how it’s always given me this sense of utter happiness and utter morosity all at the same time.   712 more words


Annie Lennox's "Into the West"

Aquí les dejo un video de la canción de Annie, de “El Retorno del Rey” ya que me estaba sintiendo algo melancólica al respecto.