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Capital City are on the look out for new blood

It’s time once again at Capital City for another fresh meat intake and they are looking for male skaters that are 18 years old or above, that are looking to try out derby. 140 more words


Classic monsters remade!!

At the comic con from July, it was revealed that Legendary Studios will be making a Skull Island film which will feature the origin of how King Kong came to be on the legendary island. 92 more words

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How to... Announce your engagement!

If you were lucky enough to be proposed to this weekend… congratulations! What wonderful news!! You might now be wondering how to share your news with the public. 251 more words

Looking for Updates?

It is hard to remember to check this website every week so you can subscribe to email updates by entering your email in the “Follow Blog via Email” section on the left hand side (scroll down a bit). 12 more words



Hello readers,

Welcome to my blog. I will be adding posts which respond to readings in Computers and Composition, as well as posting some of my journey through graduate school. 70 more words

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9/11 Remembered

13 years ago this morning, America was changed forever in a way that no one would have imagined. One federal agency knew what was about to happen and did nothing to prevent it. 221 more words


We’d like to welcome everyone into the Hays High School Chapter NHS! We look forward to a productive, fun year as we grow as a chapter and as students. 100 more words