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Three Cheers to our new prophets!


It is my pleasure to introduce brothers Billy Campbell and Carl Norman Manabat to Cinema Grotto. They will make fine prophets indeed! I’m sure that if you ask them, they will say that they witnessed the most moving initiation of all time. 277 more words


Godzilla at the iPic with The Dragon!

He’s coming and we’re going!  That’s right, The Dragon is Wandering to see the Big Green Guy on the Big Silver Screen at the iPic on Saturday, May 17th at 10:30pm!   15 more words


Vortex Effect Returns to Wordpress.com

Back in January, I announced that we would be moving away from WordPress.com and would be venturing off on our own to the world of self-hosting. 760 more words


I’ve decided to bring this blog and the .com url out of the dusty box in the attic. There are many reasons for me migrating back to the WordPress community, not the least of which is how powerful the platform itself is. 21 more words


Health Wonk Review is up at Colorado Health Insurance Insider

Check out the latest version of the Health Wonk Review at Colorado Health Insurance Insider. It focuses on how the Affordable Care Act could be improved.

Policy And Politics

Poll Results Pre-Episode #1

CHRIS BARKLEY wins the favorite castaway poll for pre-episode #1!  For the least favorite castaway, it is a tie between GABE COHN and JAMES BRANTON… 26 more words


Exmag Prepares For Upcoming Mini-Tour With New Remix of Lettuce's 'Ziggowatt'

Let’s face it, the Exmag crew are some of the funkiest dudes around.  In light of that, it is only appropriate that they take on remix duties for another group of seriously cool cats.  266 more words