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I Hate Summer (and Here Are the Reasons Why)

Reason #1.  Sweating.
Reason #2.  Bathing suits.
Reason #3.  Shorts.
Reason #4.  Pale, white skin that doesn’t tan.  That only burns red and then doesn’t even turn into a tan, just goes right back to being white once it heals. 161 more words

Beat-Up Cars and Guns

I’m not rich.  Even when I was able to go to a regular 40-hour/week job with benefits.  I was lower-middle class, at best.  Now that I’m on medical disability, I can barely make ends meet.  245 more words


“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.” – Isaac Asimov



A Little Less Conversation...

So in this professional journey of never-ending frustration, I’ve realized that it’s not entirely my fault that I cannot get shit done around here.  It seems like every time someone else’s input is required to complete something, like keeping current on my share of the water bill or getting an answer about a notice from OMH, I seem to always arrive in the middle of some tedious, long-winded personal conversation.  339 more words

Aggravating Coworkers

Misaligned (repost)

It was annoying, especially here where everything seems so precise. Everything here appears to be over engineered, and even decorative. I have noticed many, many small things that in the States would have been just boring and un-noticeable. 312 more words

Where's my bondmate

In the past, I’ve commented that I don’t get mystical bonds or mated pairs or destined pairs or whatever it means when a couple is biologically driven together. 591 more words


An Iphone Hiccup

I love my iPhone.

I think it was overtaken by Gremlins.

Now, all of a sudden, my i messaging between Jim and myself doesn’t work? 92 more words