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Okay, I've tried looking at every possible avenue...

No matter how I try to figure this whole situation out, I don’t think i’ll be able to attend Rach’s wedding. Which totally sucks because I would love to attend. 582 more words


Chapter 3 –  The Adventure Continues (you needn’t search, there are no chapters 1 or 2…this is like Star Wars!)

I did post previously regarding my neighbors to the South (we live in a common-wall townhouse) who were evicted after it was discovered they have lived in filth for two years, were hoarders and were running a puppy mill, illegally!  290 more words


Studying is hard

I usually drown myself in study or work when I’m upset. 

I find it a lot harder to do so when the voice of my own irritation drowns out that of my concentration. 

You’re impossible alright. 


Massive Hate For Auto-Correct

Something I must ask the world; if everyone hates auto-correct, why does everyone use it?

I mean, surely the inconvenience of typing on tiny mobile keyboards doesn’t require the use of such an abomination, right? 77 more words

Creative Writing

Can't Escape It

Apologies to the two or three people who might be looking forward to Gabriel’s next Journal entry. I’ve been re-installing all the drivers and software on my computer for the past couple of days and I’m still in the process of transferring all my files and music back into the computer after the hard drive replacement. 582 more words

Personal Thoughts

Helping those with depression

It is  extremely difficult for a person to explain what they need as well as stating how they are feeling, or how they don’t feel, while they are having a depressive episode.  1,456 more words


Feelings of an observer of depression

I have come to realise, now that I am getting better at dealing with and understand my own depressive episodes, that I used to blame other people around me for not being able to help me in the way I needed and for often making me feel worse. 1,536 more words