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An Iphone Hiccup

I love my iPhone.

I think it was overtaken by Gremlins.

Now, all of a sudden, my i messaging between Jim and myself doesn’t work? 92 more words


On doing things for other people

I’m not actually sure that this applies to anyone else, but it’s something that really bothers me.

If you’re going to do something for me, do it because you want to and not in order to tell me about having done it (because,  chances are, I would have done it if you hadn’t got there first). 62 more words

Doodle Musings

Poem #16: Annoyance

No matter where I go,

No matter what I do,

They just don’t stop.

“Get off.” “Get out.”

“Come back.” “Get lost.”

They don’t stop. I don’t stop. 7 more words


I wish I was a better blogger !!

So, I find myself thinking on this this morning…  a rather silly statement I know, as blogs have no rules or requirements.  However, I find myself reading so many other blog sites and thinking “I wish I was a better blogger.” 333 more words


Screw Up

Do you ever just feel like you are stuck? Or your only purpose is pissing your friends off, and not being particularly sure how you have managed that? 619 more words


So, I have never gone away for springbreak and this week is no different. Instead, I am watching my grandmother’s cat for her while she’s on vacation. 166 more words

"I Got Moved Today. This Place Is Really Nice!"

8-06-2010 Journal Entry

“This AM I slept through mail pickup and so the letters I wrote to mom and Tuesday were not sent.

Around 2pm the guard (Job) had all of M14 pack up and they moved us to ___ County Jail. 181 more words