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Vocabulary Choices

Father: You say ‘like’ a lot these days.

Daughter: Ok. And…?

Father: It’s just an observation.

Daughter: That’s how everyone talks.

Father: You didn’t used to talk like that. 96 more words

Dialogue Scraps

Sometimes You Just Gotta Rant.


I’ve honestly never been so annoyed beyond belief. I apologize for ranting and complaining, I know I try to mostly post positive things, But I can’t seem to find anything positive about what’s going on right now. 312 more words

Lemons And Lemonade

Heard that expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?” I’m opening a lemonade stand.

Now right off the bat I’ll readily admit that my recent problems aren’t nearly as bad as they could be, nor are they as bad as other people’s. 886 more words

Job Search Advice

What Annoys Me Pt. 5

What annoys me is when I am trying to spend time with my wife, and everyone keeps interrupting my time with her. Every time I am on the phone with her or texting her hundreds of people fucking blow up my damn phone like a fucking Christmas tree when right now with her school schedule and my work schedule finding time to spend with each other. 39 more words


A few more bad habits that bother me.

I have a few more bad habits that people have which I’d like to complain about. There’s not real theme here other than things that people do that annoy the hell out of me. 891 more words