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Last year I participated in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, which is basically where you compete against other schools after reading books and trying to remember really small facts about the story line. 220 more words


Computer problems

Recently my computer has decided that it is ready to give up on life and bring me down with it by causing me to have nervous break down. 226 more words



So I took the SAT at the beginning of the summer and I got my scores back. I really wasn’t satisfied with my scores. I really didn’t prep for it and a lot of smart people will claim that it isn’t really a test you can prep for, which really pisses me off because those people are usually the snooty pompous people who are assholes and like to make sure other people know how smart they are. 258 more words


The fun of tech work

Additional post today!

My show opens up today!!! Sweet!!! The last week has been jam packed with putting all the elements of the show together. We had our acting, choreography, blocking, and music already worked on. 411 more words

Vexed With Monotony

always the same jokes
flat characters surround me
please please please please leave



I am sitting here in a vacuum of youth and mental capability. I cannot die here! I MUSTN’T! I just keep thinking of all the goobers my age who try to break out of their cage by “writing a novel” (which I am trying to do) or “starting a new career” (which I have tried, but no one wants to pay someone to learn a trade anymore. 143 more words

Tired of Fakeness

Have you ever met someone who praises you often to the point of flattery? Constantly gives you small talk to the point where it feels fake and insincere? 553 more words

Small Talk