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Things that annoy me #2


Quite along time ago… well no I’ve only had this blog since December but it feels like ages, back then I wrote a post called ‘things that annoy me’ with about 10 things that annoy me, and I said at the bottom that one day I would write a part 2 for that, so here it is. 839 more words


Have you ever felt like this? Stuck?

I’ve been feeling like this lately. I’m not sure why because when I sit back and analyze my life, I come to the conclusion that it’s pretty great! 81 more words

Of Medical Posting and what not

It has been a pretty busy 3 months + or so.

Too busy till I didn’t have the time to blog. You see, when I have the meager amount of ‘non-working’ time, I prefer to have a human-to-human conversation with people I care about, eat good food or just go to bed and sleep. 373 more words

A Bit Annoyed With VideoPress

I’ve been posting my videos in VideoPress – it’s handy to have it integrated with WordPress.com and I thought that it’d be nicely integrated.

I didn’t expect massive traffic for my videos, really I’m just experimenting. 143 more words

Don Charisma


The question, ‘What are your weaknesses?’ has to be the single most annoying yet terrifying question that you can be asked, I feel… especially at an interview because if you sold yourself and the employer in his mind has decided he is going to hire you, you could completely blow this by your response when asked this DEAL BREAKER question. 588 more words

Anything & Everything

Dog Toys and Babies

Do you ever have a dream in which someone makes you incredibly angry and you wake up mad at them? Well that’s the type of dream I had the other night. 766 more words

The World Within

Upsetting Mood

I have been put into an upsetting mood; in fact, I am in a really bad mood.  I am fuming.

I don’t like to be put in awkward positions and feel like I am being pulled this way and that, but I seem to find myself in these sort of situations.  198 more words

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