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Go Ahead I Dare You

Yes I know, it is for a good cause but only if money is donated to ALS.



Working out is hard to do!!!

I can’t believe I’m having problems making working out part of my normal lifestyle again.  I danced ballet, tap and jazz for 20+ years, I was used to dancing three or four times a week for each class and from 7am to 3pm.  336 more words


My Friend, the Interrogator.

Maybe it’s because I’m a people-hater or something, I don’t know but I have this friend who I’ve known for almost a year? We met online and have been chatting through a messaging app. 139 more words


Courtesy where has thou fled too?

Recently I saw some Facebook post about how we are bullying our migrant workers. This woman was regretting that the fact that this particular worker felt so afraid to sit on the train seats because he thought it was meant for Singaporeans. 515 more words

Parking Garages

I admit that parking garages are scary & I don’t understand how they work (who does????)…but that is NO reason to drive through them slowly! … 13 more words

Northern Downpour Sends Its Love

Dear Darling Diary,

Today I went to the store and I still could not find the boots that I’ve been looking for. It’s so frustrating. I just really want a new pair of boots is that too much to ask for? 632 more words



“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than everyone else.” – Albert Einstein

Not all of us are very accepting when it comes to being told what to do, but most of the time we learn to deal with whatever cards we’ve been handed. 328 more words