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So today I just realized I pushed publish on a piece I was writing. I am so new to here I didn’t realize I did that until today I came back to write more on it. 70 more words


Period sex

The one week in our lives when we honestly think we’ll actually get a break from the wiener. Think again.

We’ve heard every excuse, “…a good soldier is never afraid to get his sword bloody”, “it’s the best kind of natural lube”, “…but I like it in the shower”, “towels wash”, “we can’t get pregnant”, “but I like it” 81 more words

Pushed past my limits

I have never been a huge social person. As I have gotten old I have learned to cope, because let’s face it you have to be. 233 more words

Born, bred and brought back

Its a Subway, the smell of the familiarly sickening mayonnaise like sauces fills the air. The trademark green interiors seem gloomier than they were intended to and pangs of hunger gnaw at my stomach.

1,072 more words

Things that Irritate Me

I am so easily agrivated its ridiculous. So I thought you should know what things irritate me and why. Oh lord this is gonna take awhile. 407 more words

Hugely Annoyed.

This will include swearing so if you’re going to be bothered by it then stop reading. Sorry mum/dad if you read this but I’m angry and too tired to try and find nicer words. 830 more words

Do you know that feeling you get when you need like a mini rant well here goes mine….Well my exhibitions are over and done with, not to seem like I didn’t want to take part in, which of course I didn’t but you know. 127 more words