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I Just Don't Understand

I don’t understand how can someone read a book and make ‘potholes’ on the cover!

If I see dog ears, I can still accept but that uneven cover right in the middle! 203 more words


Living Pest Free!



The Extension Service of the University of Arkansas is the place to go for answers about lawn care, gardening, horticulture, family sciences and more. If you’ve got a bug that’s bugging you they will identify it and give you instructions on how to get rid of it. 461 more words

Really... AGAIN!

Mr. Current hasn’t been paid from work, some delays within the organisation, but his broke ass has been constantly coming up to me asking me for things. 361 more words


Summer is annoying.

My coffee, on usual Monterey days, is cold before I finish it, the wind licking away the best 3 minutes of perfect drinking temperature like a greedy witch. 464 more words


And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Dear Darling Diary,

There are little kids outside my bedroom window making lots of noise. Here they are out having fun during the summer evenings, and here I am, doing nothing. 515 more words


Homework Struggles..

So I’m sitting here trying to do my logic homework and I can’t. Why? Because Izabellah won’t let me!!! She’s either climbing on my desk or asking for a million things!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22 more words


Good. Lord.

I had this whole post written up yesterday… and apparently never saved it. I forget that WordPress doesn’t save automatically like Gmail. Ugh! 

I need a minute. -__-