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7 Annoying Facebook Crimes

1. When people act one way on Facebook, and another way in reality.

I have this friend who is a total girly girl, and then she gets on Facebook and is all like, “I want to go mudding, four wheeling, and horseback riding!!” And then “ I can’t wait to go country dancing tonight, its my favorite. 480 more words

Library Etiquette #2

To the douche sitting next to me in the library,

I’ve been in this exact seat for 6 hours and have somehow kept my sanity. You’ve been here for 25 minutes and I already hate you. 60 more words

Top Hat Jetpack Joyride

Watching as Mr Pigalina plays “Jetpack Joyride”.

Pigalina: “Why do you have a top hat?”
Mr Pigalina: “Because I bought a top hat.”•

*Camera flash* Personal best score ruined by Pigalina. 16 more words

365 Photo Challenge


That’s exactly how my brain feels this week..

I had forgotten my study materials at work this afternoon, and so to my frustration of not being able to study (I mean how SAD is that?! 884 more words


Amorphous: (adj.) without a clearly defined shape or form.

That’s me.

I found a word that describes my physicality.

I have pretty big feet, strong legs, an ever-present belly, a plump chest and a head that is somewhere between a regal Roman senator and a troll. 92 more words

A Words

The heck is it with the Spam?

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing extremely well today :).  I had a great day at work, but don’t ask me about the weather; I’m cranky at Mother Nature. 246 more words