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Pet Peeve #4

Pet Peeve #4 – When I’m on the bus sitting down and the person next to me has to be constantly moving. Usually it’s a woman going through her purse for 20 minutes or a guy who decides to keep adjusting himself. 39 more words

Pet Peeve

5 Facebook Updates Your Friends Really Don’t Want to See

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family, and you can have a lot of fun sharing jokes and updates about what’s happening. 539 more words


Morning relaxation on the number 50

Every morning, I have the unfortunate experience of getting on the bus to go to work. And every morning, there is some horrible gross bastard also on the bus, ready to start my day off. 175 more words


Sing It Back To Me

“As soon as I think I want somebody they show me why I don’t want nobody”

So this ties in to my last post of the 60 something days not accounted for. 399 more words


Are you bringing a mold to Thanksgiving?

When I was a kid, my cousin “Teresa” (2nd cousin, once removed to be specific) used to bring a “mold” to Thanksgiving.

At the time, my experience with the word “mold” was: 155 more words


Some people......

“Some people live life with their brains, while others live life with their hearts. “


Decision time

People make decisions every day. If you believe in parallel universes, each decision opens up infinite universes featuring the different consequences. Parallel people living out lives based on the decision you make. 166 more words