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What really happened....

My physical friend and online friend Ant gave his story about what had happened this past weekend. While most of it seems accurate I would like to give you the nightmare that was saturday from my perspective. 1,200 more words


Chinese 'culture'

  • Babies shitting all over public walkways, subway stations and trains
  • Entire waves of cars idly cruising through red lights
  • 10+ phones ringing during each cinema sitting…
  • 666 more words

Fuck Jo-ann Fabric

To repeat for the slow part of the class, I live in a hick town where we don’t have stores like Walmart (did I really just say that like Walmart is a good thing?).  732 more words


GIRLS… the selfies issue is going toooo far. If you’re at a party, talk, socialize, eat or whatever but don’t spend half an hour taking a 100 pictures. 40 more words



Honestly after the break up ive been having crazy mood swings. Like one minute I’ll be pissed off at what he did to me and the next id be bawling my eyes out wanting him to come back. 288 more words

How Do You Deal With Rude People in the Movie Theater?

When I shell out $10.50 to sit in a room full of strangers to watch a movie, I expect to watch that movie, despite that first part about being in a room full of strangers. 1,136 more words