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The Advice Column

Something has recently come to my attention, and I’m sure many other people who have often beenĀ their friends’ advice column. Have you ever been talking to a friend, fully putting your whole self in that conversation and trying to be the best friend you could ever be by allowing them to complain about every detail about their life?

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Oh How Cute, You Think You're Funny

You know what types of people I find annoying? The ones that treat you like a toddler when in reality, you are only younger than them by a year or two. 276 more words

Stupid Rants

Dear Children

Dear Children,

Please don’t leave your sticky food all over my desk.

Please don’t put your fingers in your mouth and then smear them all over my desk. 283 more words


What's the joke, It isn't easy being a Pimp these days? { expanded }

It isn’t easy being a Pimp these days, try being me right now. My google keyboard and external keeps failing. that is as far as I was able to type. 784 more words

Dum Cheese and The Beautiful Lake Sunset

The other night, my mom’s friends came to babysit me, Brendan, and Saoirse, so we drew and painted and all that awesome stuff.

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Drop it like it's hot

Whilst sat having lunch with my wife, we were overpowered by the loud plum voiced conversation being had at the next table.

It quickly became clear this ‘man’ (I use that term loosely) and woman worked in the film industry due to the number of names being droppedĀ per second. 104 more words