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Dear whoever
I’m dating now ! I have not really dated much and yes I still have my vCard (and will be keeping it till I get married ) so I met this amazing guy who was amazing we talked all the time he love spending time with me and it was great . 161 more words

Hate the Undergrads: Unreservedly

They have the lives you wish you had, and so much spare time they literally can’t find enough ways to piss it away, whilst we’re scrounging for mere seconds of sleep, they can’t help chattering about how they slept for 15 hours after that crazy party they went to. 255 more words

Confident or Cocky?

One of my girlfriends and I both signed up for AP LIt last spring. We both took Lang and other advanced English classes in the past, so we thought we’d just follow through to the end. 280 more words


What not to say to a Photographer

Italian graphic designer Luca Masini, who previously created a poster series of things you shouldn’t say to a graphic designers, is back and turning his focus to photographers. 63 more words


Vintage Ads: The Confusing, the Sexist and the Batshit Insane

Advertisers just can't seem to get it right these days. They end up either objectifying women to the extent of using sex to sell products that have no correlation to 'sexiness', or they try to use the 'empowering women' angle but just end up coming off as condescending while still pandering to the same ideals of beauty as their use-sex-to-sell-everything counterparts. 489 more words

We're just friends, goddamn it.

How do we define friends?

I have a friend. I am a female and he is a male. We haven’t been friends for too too long, only a couple months. 325 more words