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Square One

So for a while I haven’t been yelled at or insulted, and I take that as an accomplishment. The only reason for this is because they still threatened to put me in counseling, so I acted nicer. 89 more words

Is Your Car Bumper Looking Dinged Up?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your car’s exterior is a bumper mishap. Bad stuff tends to happen quite often to bumpers. 78 more words

Best friend

My best friend and I know each other for 9 years. She’s starting to annoy me because she changed a lot. She’s mean to people, she thinks she’s the prettiest girl in the world.  52 more words

A confession

Hello, my name is Miss L, and i’m a fully-fledged member of the grammar police.

I can guarantee that everyone knows at least one of us. 253 more words

Today's Word is... OPEN

Dear Open Letter Writers,

This is the part where I act as though I don’t really know who you are, it makes me feel self important even though I’m obviously moved enough to write an open letter. 511 more words

Simply Stan