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The 'Other Moms'...

Despite my earlier post about being lonely as a new mum, there is one part of this lifestyle that is an unavoidable constant – other mums. 1,275 more words


Annoying Habits of Dating Arab Men

We all that moment when a guys does something and our eyes get so big, and we just think to ourselves: did he really just do that… 389 more words


The Hive.

When I was a kid, I was sometimes referred to as “Princess,” as in the frustrating, difficult young lady from “The Princess and the Pea,” because I have always been an overly sensitive, supernaturally delicate flower. 699 more words



Idk sometimes I feel like I hang out with people simply because they aren’t judgemental and they don’t judge me for what I am and what I do. 206 more words

Shit That Annoys Me Today

If you are reading this and any of these apply to you, please don’t be offended.  

It’s specific people that are doing these things and annoying me. 151 more words


Pet Peeves

Let’s talk about the one thing absolutely everyone has! A pet peeve! What are yours?

No matter how nice of a person you are, there are still things that people do that irritate you! 150 more words


Videoke must have a curfew

It’s twenty minutes past 1 in the morning in Manila and I am still wide awake. Thanks to the freakin’ self-proclaimed videoke singers in the village for this catastrophe. 108 more words