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Ten Annoying Crimes Students Commit on a Regular Basis


  • The students who come late and want to leave early. When students come late into the lecture and still insist on sitting in the middle seats.
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Top 5 most annoying Facebook Characters

We can all think of someone when it comes down to annoying Facebook Characters. Hell, I can hardly say I’m innocent of not being annoying on social media every now and then! 517 more words

Jokes that Annoy Me

I originally posted this on BuzzFeed but thought I’d share it here as well. These are overused jokes that I have always found annoying.

1. “Your Computer’s slow?

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It's All About Experience

I think today the blog is actually going to be about 90% positive.  I will say that things this year seem to be running smoother.  Perhaps it’s because I’m exposed way less to the people that make me uncomfortable, or perhaps it’s because I’m becoming self actualized. 459 more words


Ever experienced this?

I have neighbors that actually blast music in the house. I’ve never seen it before, and what’s crazy about it is that it goes on ALL night long. OMG!!


It's Physical Education, not the Olympics.

This one is going out to all you P.E. try-hards. I don’t like you. People in general do not like you. Besides your other douchebag friends, that is. 293 more words

Talkin' Filler

I’m sure many have no clue as to what I mean when I say “talkin’ filler”. Many people do this and it burns me up. You may have a few friends or family members who do this, talk, talk & talk about bullshit, absolutely nothing, just to be putting words together in order to seem as if they can hold a conversation only to throw in a question about borrowing or needing. 153 more words

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