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“The smallest coffins are the heaviest.”

I just found out today that the youngest of the victims in the Peshawer attack was a five year old girl, that was shot in the head at a point blank range.

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Ugh this generation....

You can tell times have changed when the children of this generation are asking for laptops, tablets, and cell phones for Christmas…..My 6 & 8 year old cousin, every year get $2,000 spent on them a piece. 211 more words


Reading through past blogs I realise that I could write a lot more eloquently.

When I’m writing I get distracted. Usually it’s because someone is asking me a question or I have to rush off and do something. 110 more words

The Most Annoying Songs of 2014

People always make “best of” lists. Well, that’s boring. What better way to enter adulthood than to complain about the terrible music kids these days are listening to? 600 more words


Gone with the wind

I’m still hyped! Thanks to all who read the post yesterday I was exploding with happiness. I was so cheerful that I woke up at 6am in the morning and decided to go jogging! 575 more words


The Bitter Post

There are so many thing that make me bitter. That aggravate me. That literally make me want to go all 14 year old girl hating her parents rage. 648 more words


10 Ways To Annoy Your African Parents (Part 1)

Growing up in an African household in a western country, I’ve found that I’ve done many things that have annoyed my parents. Some of the things that I have done weren’t really “annoying” in my eyes, but apparently, my parents think otherwise. 324 more words