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The Inappropriate Texter

There’s few things I find completely annoying. The kind of annoying that makes you want to throat punch someone. Cue Tengallon Texter. That’s what we’ll call him. 402 more words


Nearly Scared To Death By Something.......Interesting

I still am looking back at this and laughing. You know how unexpected things always seem to happen in my life? Well, it happened again. And someone who is reading this knows who did this, strange, unexpected, frightening, odd thing. 585 more words


Seriously... it's getting old

Why must you talk all day long while we are supposed to be working?  Your “insertnamehere-isms” are repetitive, overused, disruptive, and STUPID.  Plus, it makes you look stupid.  There.  PS:  You’re ugly.


Oh Rly, OkCupid?

If this is one of my best messages, I don’t want to be alive anymore. 


This is getting boring! Or am I just not too into it?

I feel like I really need to change my writing style. It’s getting really boring and annoying when I read it and write my story. BUT I… 388 more words


Here It Comes Again...

I’m sorry!!!

I don’t even know how many days I have been away. But remember the internet problem my mom had I think two weeks ago?That problem is STILL not solved. 373 more words