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What “site” is this dumb motherfucker even talking about. I love old fucks who don’t know correct internet terminology.

Whats more annoying?

I am sat here, in bed wondering whats more annoying. Not being able to get to sleep or waking up early in the morning? One of the many thoughts what i get when lieing in bed trying to get to sleep. 101 more words

How to Drive Refresher Course

Warning: I will be doing a lot of ranting… a lot.

Let me first start out by saying, I am in no means the best driver in the world. 943 more words


Fighting with friends

Have you guys ever fought with one of your closest friends, and you guys were from the same ‘clique’ or ‘group’? Let me tell you it is another level of awkwardness… 28 more words


#3 - City Code, Stories, and All is Lost

For March 7, 2014

A week when Grand Rapids, Michigan is about to strike down a ban on being willfully annoying, and the recent movie… 58 more words

Some Words Are Annoying...

As my “Words Are Weird…” post went down so well, I thought I’d write something similar. Take this blog post as a sequel to “Words Are Weird…”, therefore I suggest that you head over to my previous blog posts to read that one first: … 388 more words

English And Words

Am I getting better or worse?

The medication. It’s making me worse. I’m so reliant on it now and I’m on the highest dose possible – double what doctors would normally prescribe. 438 more words