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Said all teens

I hate the fact that I have to go everywhere they do like ugh I don’t have a say in nothing it’s like a animal in a zoo I can’t get out one more year and idc what they say … said all teens


It's my party, and I'll post song lyrics if I want to

Despite its many foibles, I generally love Twitter. It may be the place where productivity goes to die, but I also find it supportive, funny, friendly and intelligent. 912 more words


People who lean against the poles on tube trains

I’m not a tall man. Those loops of plastic dangling from the tube train’s upper extremities are just about within reach, but the act of grasping one at full stretch is not a comfortable one; indeed it feels more like a yoga or Pilates manoeuvre rather than a casual attempt to maintain balance on a violently jerking vehicle. 619 more words



Okay, so right now not much time to post anything with very much thoughtfullness but I just had some things to share with everyone. Well, one thing. 619 more words


DC Annoys Me Briefly

The conference that DC and I had met at last year was this week, and lo and behold, on Instagram he posts a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) that is of a photo that I took of him and says “#tbt to that time I decided to sip the conference and have one oft he most unique experiences of my life.” 70 more words


I Talk Too Much

They roll out like a pastry crust
Hitting the floor, rolling open
Like a floppy, alabaster carpet.
Like burning steam out a vent:
Relieving the pressure within– 108 more words


App update problems.

Well everyone, we’re at that awkward part of the day where I usually have an account of the happenings in my life. I have, in fact, written a post on my phone via the app. 96 more words