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from the amazing Melissa XD

Line One: Your  illness presents itself in ways that aren’t consistent with my (wrong or limited) understanding

Line Two: So I don’t think you have it.

Chronic Illness Cat

I, am an anomaly!

I’ve always known that medically. My doctor actually jokes about it. I’m his test patient in a lot of ways. I’m sure if he could run research on my blood composition or DNA to figure out why my body reacts the way it does to certain things he would. 578 more words


from the amazing Caitlin Shreiber

Line One: “Medical science hasn’t figured this out yet, so you don’t make sense!”

Line Two: Well, me and the hundreds of other people who have the same thing/symptoms as I do can’t all be mystery anomalies

Chronic Illness Cat

Gravity Anomaly

During late 2009 I was involved with a diamond core drilling operation testing a gravity and magnetic anomaly under sediments of the Canning Basin on De Grey pastoral station east of Port Hedland in the Pilbara district of Western Australia. 359 more words

Creepy Wikipedia - Alien Hand Syndrome

Have you ever had this happen to you? From the article:

“A rare neurological disorder that causes hand movement without the person being aware of what is happening or having control over the action”

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August Climate Anomalies Log

This post is the sixth in a set for the 12 calendar months. Graphs are sixteen-year logs of the monthly mean anomaly values of nine climate variables for Manilla, NSW, with fitted trend lines. 543 more words

Manilla NSW

British Summers 1910-2013

Having done a little more work on my Anomaly Charts application that grabs and displays climate anomaly charts from the UKMO site, I though I would post a screen shot just to show you how effective it can be when looking back down through the years. 56 more words