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Advertising Anomalies - Trialling New System

I am currently trialling another Adsense style system via a company called SuperLinks, who use a cost per impression based, bidding payment system. Adsense is cost per click, this one is cost per impressions. 51 more words


The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.

Mignon McLaughlin

I don’t know what caused that Mayan-like bird-god image preceding, but it took my breath when I saw the photo as if Mystery’s reflection, as if illustrating the path to the next moment, as if the courage of revelation.


photo by Sara

Elizabeth Weaver

Mars Anomalies - Moving Objects on Mars?

Moving Objects on Mars? What is causing them to change location?

These images were taken by Mars Spirit Rover. Following the order of Sol 1833… 1,559 more words

Giants, or Big Hoax?

There’s always been interest in giants, and we’re not referring to sports teams here! A History Channel series, Search for the Lost Giants: Unraveling the Mystery… 384 more words



December 9, 2007


Read Matthew 5

I have been thinking fairly deeply on the tension” that exists in the life of faith. It’s an idea that has been a bit difficult for me to really grasp and to express, but I’m going to try to do a little bit of it today along with some reading from Matthew Henry’s Commentary and an Oswald Chamber’s devotional….. 875 more words


Bad Day - part 2

Briefly: Part 2 of ch. 2. Tern and Othello get an education on how the public views the wings, Tern finds out what Othello wanted the pages for.  1,526 more words


Bad Day - part 1

Briefly: Part 1 of ch. 2 – Tern tries to pry into the question of the pages with Othello and someone has trouble maintaining her allegiances. 2,202 more words