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Tennessee Wildman and Subterranean Reptoids!

In S3/Ep1 of Monsters and Mysteries in America, we are introduced to a “manimal” residing in the eastern border of Tennessee that is a territorial, bipedal creature about seven to nine feet tall with large eyes and black to reddish-orange hair.  323 more words


India wields the axe on Her Majesty's "laughable" laws

Source: Reuters (http://goo.gl/I6vxoL)

If you happen to unearth treasure worth even as little as 10 rupees (16 U.S. cents) in India, don’t even think of pocketing it – that’s because under a law introduced by the former British colonial rulers, it still belongs to “Her Majesty”. 521 more words


North Atlantic Mean Pressure: December 2014

I’ve been faffing about all today trying to produce a set of mean pressure charts for the North Atlantic for December and finally think that I’ve cracked it – famous last words! 200 more words

Synoptic Situation

Incrimination Recriminations: Amend the Fifth, Don't Plead it

First, what will become one variation of my mantra of choice: I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. While opinions here are in fact the opinions of management, I’m a really small company. 459 more words

Fifth Amendment

December Climate Anomalies Log

This post is the tenth in a set for the 12 calendar months that began with March. Graphs are sixteen-year logs of the monthly mean anomaly values of nine climate variables for Manilla, NSW, with fitted trend lines. 550 more words

Manilla NSW

Kuhn - Lecture 5

Science does not begin with facts and then construct theories out of them. Nor does science begin with theories and then just find facts that would confirm them. 1,914 more words

Science And Belief