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Grafton Monster of Taylor County...

As featured in a recent episode of Mountain Monsters (S2/Ep02), the Grafton Monster of Grafton, West Virginia is a large, powerful, and elusive cryptid standing seven to eight feet tall and weighing in excess of 1,000 pounds.   318 more words


Alien Lights or Cosmic Rays on Mars


I was not going to talk about this because I didn’t think I had much to add. And I thought it was stupid. And, I’ve had run-ins with UFO Sightings Daily before ( 1,366 more words


Antifragility and Anomaly; Why Science Works

Scientific theories are antifragile; they thrive on anomalies.

Some things are fragile – they break. Some are robust – they can withstand harsh treatment. But the most interesting kind are antifragile, emerging strengthened and enriched from challenges. 2,411 more words

Evolution In General

Canada March 2014 Visualized

The data is from the daily data put out by Environment Canada. (It is wrong sometimes)

These are ONLY the “Normals” stations (the stations EC calculates anomalies for from the 1971-2000 mean) 44 more words

Environment Canada Data

Strange "star" in Arkansas?

Is anybody else seeing this thing? It is in the northwestern sky. Sometimes it disappears, sometimes it isn’t there. It is never in the place you think it is. 61 more words


The Devil's Footsteps

I remember being captivated by an account of this delightful old mystery in my parents’ Reader’s Digest book of Strange Stories, Amazing Facts when I was about ten years old.   808 more words

About media archeology, (in)security, data analysis and anomalies. In dialogue with Jussi Parikka

Rareș Iordache: We live in a information or data culture…I like to say information-data culture, which makes possible our transformation: we are now analysts, data analysts. 1,751 more words

Rares Iordache