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Kuhn - Lecture 5

Science does not begin with facts and then construct theories out of them. Nor does science begin with theories and then just find facts that would confirm them. 1,914 more words

Science And Belief


A pyschological experiment done in 1949 shed light on an interesting part of human nature.

The test was simple: a group were shown playing cards of different colours mixed with outliers, e.g.  96 more words

Alas the captain

Alas the captain
the last late asteroid flies past
that swarm of clicking drives us.
Anything to save the herd. He says.
If the core overheats. 113 more words



I’s without eyes

Heads which never heads

Nose which never knows

Birds without beds

Legs which beg

Sheds without shirts

Mouths which can’t build mounds… 49 more words


November Climate Anomalies Log

This post is the ninth in a set for the 12 calendar months that began with March. Graphs are sixteen-year logs of the monthly mean anomaly values of nine climate variables for Manilla, NSW, with fitted trend lines. 530 more words

Manilla NSW

Advertising Anomalies - Trialling New System

I am currently trialling another Adsense style system via a company called SuperLinks, who use a cost per impression based, bidding payment system. Adsense is cost per click, this one is cost per impressions. 51 more words


The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.

Mignon McLaughlin

I don’t know what caused that Mayan-like bird-god image preceding, but it took my breath when I saw the photo as if Mystery’s reflection, as if illustrating the path to the next moment, as if the courage of revelation.


photo by Sara

Elizabeth Weaver