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A Beginner's Look At Lambda Calculus

Back in school, you must remember studying differential and integral calculus. Now what on earth is lambda calculus? Well, lambda calculus is basically a simple notation for functions and applications in mathematics and computer science. 1,353 more words


Corporate by day, Stripper by night

When I first started dancing just a few weeks ago, my former manager suggested that my experiences would make for a good book. Little did he know that I am a writer and intend on anonymously sharing my life experiences with the world. 313 more words

Strip Club

Whisper CEO suspends editorial team, but maintains that the Guardian report is inaccurate

After a Guardian story earlier this month revealed what appeared to be some questionable practices by Whisper, the anonymous social network, there was little response from the company’s CEO, Michael Heyward, apart from a post… 734 more words

#ObeyParty666 supports the #Anonymous #Paypal14 All Day October 25th

ObeyParty666:It’s a 24-hour fundraiser with an ambitious goal: to get the Paypal 14 closer to paying off the $86,000 restitution. The Paypal 14, you’ll recall (or fake it if you don’t) were charged with participating in the 2010 DDoS attack against Paypal (and Amazon, eBay, VISA, Mastercard, and more) which had frozen WikiLeaks’ funds. 880 more words


Facebook unveils anonymous chat app 'Rooms'

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook on Thursday released an application that lets people create virtual “rooms” to chat about whatever they wish using any name they would like. 315 more words