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SN Event #2: Cute Survey!

My best friend made a cute survey and asked me to give this link to anyone who wants to complete this survey!

It’s short and ever-so-cute! 85 more words

I've found myself writing again.

I intend to remain anonymous. I just want to talk.

I am a young woman, living with the delight of hopeless romanticism. I fantasize about random, attractive people hovering above my naked body. 174 more words

Behind The Music

This is the main song that I’m writing to today.

I discovered Drake shortly before I met my ex-boyfriend, the person that my post “Anchor” is based on, back in late 2011. 82 more words

The Silent Student.

We as students are often expected to succumb to the demands of our professors without questioning their methods. From the time we are born we are immerse into a society that has been indoctrinated to be nothing less than obedient. 1,363 more words


The Streak Michigan Lottery Players Still Winning Fantasy 5 Jackpots at a Sizzling Rate

Fantasy 5 players continue to win jackpots at a sizzling rate, hitting 52 jackpots since April 7. All told, Fantasy 5 jackpot winners have won more than $8 million from the Michigan Lottery during the streak. 301 more words

Michigan Lottery

Good Afternoon: 69

Good afternoon. I logged on to sixty-nine followers today. Thank you all to the moon and back. I’m so happy.

Last night I fixed the “About Me” section on my blog. 123 more words

chapter one: just a dream


Somewhere in the Himalayas, a full moon sailed over a tangled forest. Deep in the thick, damp undergrowth, Tasha stood. 608 more words

Tasha Lu Solara