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I want to get hurt.
I know, call me crazy. Who would ever WANT to be hurt, right? I do. You know why? Being hurt shows me that I felt something, and I felt it passionately. 200 more words


Steady My Heart

I keep telling myself I deserve better, that I deserve respect. But the pain of being broken-hearted is worse than the fake joy of being manipulated. 303 more words


All possible combination(0 - N) of characters from an a array using C

I need to create a script that list possible combination/sequence of characters from an input string in C.
Input: “ABC”
ABC… 25 more words



I want a relationship, one where we grow and learn together; where we can be honest with each other about the way we feel and what we think. 298 more words


Nobody Gets It

Nobody gets it. I’m good at putting on a face. I can be strong, I’m a happy person. Nobody sees my heart. Nobody sees the complete and utter brokenness of my shattered heart. 115 more words

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

You initiated the divorce when you cheated on my mom. You said you wanted this when you molested me as a kid. You agreed with this when you turned to porn and alcohol instead of loving your family and treating them how they need and should be treated. 141 more words


Anonymous backing the anti-water charge alliance? Don't make me laugh.

By Tomás M. Creamer

Some of you may have seen or heard of this video – basically, some guy with a freaky mask, apparently speaking on behalf of the infamous hacking group, Anonymous, is giving out about the Government’s plan to introduce water charges, along with an foreboding (but admittedly brilliant) opening and closing score. 383 more words

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