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I want to share my thoughts and feelings with the world yet hide from the people who know me.  I want to be anonymous. It does not matter who, where or what I am. 23 more words

Anonymous Blogging

Organizations For Social Justice

Organizations For Social Justice

I pledged not to join another organization where I am not valued,  and so I became a recluse.   Today I joined Amnesty International…a baby step ….  100 more words


The Return of UGNazi: Doxing the Governor of Missouri

They’re BACK!

UGNazi was, in 2012 a seemingly-invincible hacking crew with heavy trollish leanings (as you can tell from the nomenclature and the icon) once made up of JoshTheGod, CosmoTheGod, and Mr0sama. 434 more words


Interwebbed: Headlines for Crypto and Cyber News

What a tangled web we weave when first we attempt to weave in an unrelated Shakespeare quote to our morning link roundup. Today we’ve got more war, more Ferguson, but I repeat myself, duelling policing theories, and more. 135 more words