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Furious Pete Documentary

Awesome story about Furious Pete .

I am watching this having followed this story for some time. Interesting views. I agree with some and not with others. 120 more words

Eating Disorders Are Not Uncategorized

October 25th

I don’t really have a word to describe how I’ve been feeling the past few days. Sometimes I think that I’m only a few steps away from the finish line and that life is at it’s best, but other times I feel like recovery is totally unachievable and that it’s just not worth it anymore. 618 more words

She doesn´t want to eat

We all know what Anorexia is, or maybe that´s what we think. All we know is that people with anorexia just stop eating, therefore they begin loosing weight in a dangerous way. 405 more words



Today has been dark. I was discharged in February//March and stopped taking anti depressants in February but I still get dark days. As the year is dragging on it seems every day is just blacker and blacker. 334 more words


I love this

I remember that I decided to turn on the radio one day and I heard this song and I loved the message. Seriously inspiring. For me, I used to very much hide who I  96 more words

Eating has been rough

So because my costume for halloween is skin tight I have been way self-conscious. Plus in my screenwriting class I have to rewrite my script on anorexia and dig deeper which means I have to go to old ways of thinking to write this accurately. 244 more words

Just a Reminder..

Sizes everywhere are different.

These are size 8 jeans. In another store I can fit into a 4, another a 2–sometimes I’ll try a pair on and it doesn’t fit my legs, other times it fits everywhere but the waist is too big, and often times skinny jeans are way too tight around my ankles. 40 more words