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Dragonfly Thin

Chapter One

*Knock Knock* “Honey, it’s dinner time and I want you to come down with me right now.” My mother said trying to sound strict. 1,120 more words

My Skinny Dress

If only…

Today I wore one of my 2 “skinny dresses”. They’re the same dress in different colors. They’re tight on me. My mom says they’re not, but I feel they are, and I feel uncomfortable in them. 49 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

Veganism - Just another facet of my anorexia

I had wanted to become a vegetarian since I was a child. My mom is a vegetarian, and I would always ask her when I could become one as well. 731 more words



I’m slipping. I can feel it. My palms are sweaty, my grip is loosening. And I just want to let go. But I am afraid. Right now, fear IS my friend. 351 more words


The Guest House

Torch hair on stove lighting cigarette:

Clog toilet while running late:

Messing with prescribed medication:
Double Check.

Sooooo, this week’s been a bit of a…combination of shit ohno oh fucking for real c’mon. 259 more words