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Recovery Diary : Day #165

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Since the beginning of my recovery I had been dreading this day (and the holiday season in general) but today wasn’t a big deal. 232 more words


Parliamentary committee report on eating disorders disappoints advocates

OTTAWA – A Parliamentary report on eating disorders in Canada is being criticized by some of the witnesses who testified before the committee.

The 27 witnesses who testified over a six-month period had a common message: getting treatment for eating disorders in Canada is next to impossible. 615 more words


Absolutely dying and preparing for my biggest challenge!

Once again I’m on antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection. And today I nearly passed out in tesco- But I made it to the car and was sick, out of the car window in the way home!! 176 more words

I can smell a relapse on the horizon

I know it’s coming. I know it is. For want of a better phrase, it’s like watching a car accident on the way and knowing you can do nothing about it. 197 more words


Happy Thanksgiving (:

Happy thanksgiving(:
Don’t worry about those unhealthy meals and treats, today only eat at the the thanksgiving dinner and skip the deseret claiming your super full of grandma’s Turkey. 40 more words


Day Four: The Day of the Roller-coaster

Yes, in more ways than one this day has been a roller-coaster. 1) because one minute I have energy and the next I’m panting and breaking out into a sweat and so exhausted I fear I may collapse and 2) because I feel a bit like I’ve actually physically been on a roller-coaster with my stomach sitting in my throat. 557 more words

Medicated and okay

No medication since May. No alcohol in I don’t know how long. But today I decided that I’m tired of being irritable and anxious. A bit of benzo and some white wine. 342 more words