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"Genes Load the Gun, Environment Pulls the Trigger"

Nature vs. Nurture, the Age old Debate – which comes first, the chicken or the egg? To this day I find myself amazed at how many family members of my clients suffering from an eating disorder arrive at my office doors frustrated and angry with the suffering person.   229 more words


Food diary 2 - and a dose of irony

If you follow my blog you will have seen my post the other day about how sometimes food just doesn’t work out and you end up eating weird things at weird times. 281 more words

Blood Work and Scales - Becoming the Norm.

As I lay in bed, the gauze against my abdomen growing more and more irresistible to scratch off my skin, the pain coming and going out of nowhere like a train station with no schedule. 589 more words

Great Expectations

As I found myself mindlessly going through my Instagram I came across a user who suffers from depression, I quickly glanced through her photo’s one by one, looking into the pain that this young lady has had to endure, and that is how I found the inspiration for my blog. 326 more words

Mental Health

Remembering...No Matter What

To Stay And To Love


the decision was made

to stay and to love

whatever appeared,

no matter what,

to not turn back

for any reason… 19 more words


Last day of treatment?

Sheesh! What a day.

I woke up this morning and weighed and had somehow gained FOUR pounds overnight! FOUR!

Naturally, I didn’t eat or drink anything the rest of the day before treatment. 388 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm