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"Blank" has Taken Away "Blank"

My depression and anxiety had taken away my senior year of high school, which should be the best school year. My depression keeps me away from hanging out with friends sometimes. 219 more words

Mental Disorder

Refeeding Diary : Day #37

Today was an eventful day! After deciding yesterday to put an effort into gaining weight, I awoke totally determined to up my calorie consumption and lower my ana-thoughts. 428 more words


Tonight I am enough

How awesome would it be to feel better?!

Little snippets of life…of hope…of normal…of freedom.

Nothing has particularly changed. Well actually, for whatever the reason, as crappy as it was to think my crap out loud (at least most of it was verbalized and a piece of it was written down), I am so relieved to begin to let it go. 295 more words


Another long day.

Today’s been a long haul. I woke up upset after not being able to make myself go out the night before. I got mean comments from strangers at the market. 110 more words

believe it.

I can feel myself breaking, I’ve been saying it for weeks. But it’s not that sudden shatter of dropping glass on cement. It is the painfully slow decaying that goes unnoticed by so many until it is too late and it’s collapsing under the pressure. 145 more words

Relapse, Resist, Recover

It was a Wednesday night. I, seventeen at the time, was in my room, studying for AP Psychology. My parents had long gotten used to my study habits. 960 more words

No answers here

It stuck. That stupid thought from the beginning of the week has stayed in my head and I cannot seem to shake it. Even though I don’t want it, there is something that keeps me attached to it. 763 more words