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Sleepless nights, crazy cravings, and upcoming surgery

I haven’t been in the writing mood of late – I’ve been in the “hide under the covers and binge watch ‘Scandal’” mood. The reason? I’m having surgery this Wednesday. 515 more words

Letter to my "counseling self"-Sunday, July 27, 2014:

Ms. F,

I wish I could go back to PHP to work on stabilizing my food intake. My food intake isn’t that bad, but it’s not that great, and I want to be able to eat three meals and three snacks a day; I just can’t do that by myself. 395 more words

Mental Disorder

He'll Love Me When I'm Perfect...

He’ll Love Me When I’m Perfect…

Maybe he’ll love me when i’m perfect. When i’m 100 pounds. He can pick me up. He’ll want to show me off to his friends. 61 more words


27-07-2014 - My therapist (E.D)

“you said you feel that the pain of what you are fighting off , what you are living is not over yet . But when it’s over , how will you know it’s over?. 56 more words


Tired girl.

Today’s been a good day! Tiring but good. I managed to eat a packet of crisps but then I had to do more abs and leg exercises! 87 more words

I miss

I miss what confidence i did have when i was seriously underweight. I miss my red hair but now I feel like I cant have it because it makes me stand out. 135 more words

God spoke to me today.

Dear God,

Today, I still feel less than average. I feel low. I woke up feeling low again. Are you putting me back into a deep depression? 1,437 more words