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Inpatient update

The past week or two has been very turbulent for me. Sleep, eating, and emotional state are all getting worse, and I don’t know why.  360 more words

Mental Health

Pissed off boyfriend

He says he doesn’t appreciate what I write about him on my blog. Fair enough.

I msged my Ana friend and said I wish I would just die already. 27 more words

So what's the deal with The Little Mermaid?

When I was asked to rename anorexia to whatever I thought was suitable, the first thing that popped up in my head was Ursula, the villain from my favourite childhood movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. 398 more words


My first post

Hello everybody!

Welcome, welcome. Let me introduce you to myself first of all, shall I? *Deep breath* Here we go.

My name is Iman. I am Canadian-Syrian, and I live in Dubai. 442 more words



I spent way too long
Trying to be an ideal
I got lost in society
I forgot what was real
I tried to be an image… 247 more words


What's your biggest obstacle to recovery?

Question: What’s your biggest obstacle to recovery?

I’m putting all of the energy I can muster into recovery and I genuinely feel like I’m making progress but there’s always that one thing that can set me back 5 steps…. 316 more words


I haven’t binged since being on this medication. I’m both grateful and worried about that. The bingeing magnifies the depression to the point of dysfunction: I’ll go days without showering, the house becomes more of a mess than it always is, I isolate myself from everyone and everything. 213 more words