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i can't do this

why am i making a blog

a blog that no one is going to read

read and bother to feel any kind of sympathy or courage or inspiration… 32 more words


hard times

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a while. I’m terrible!

My depression has been very high for the past couple of days, obviously it doesn’t help my eating disorder in the slightest, it’s these times you think to give up but I’m trying to go forward. 67 more words

Eating Disorders

Equally Beautiful Paths

Comparing ourselves to others is an incredibly hard thing not to do. What can be even more difficult is not comparing our eating disorders and recovery journeys. 86 more words


I don't want today!!!

Today we’re filming our two dance shows!!! I don’t want to! I’m rubbish under pressure and bound to f**k up! Also the costumes are hideous, and I didn’t dare take any laxies last night because we’re dancing early in the day, so I daren’t eat anything cos I want a flat stomach but I’m scared I’ll pass out or just not have the strength to dance properly!! 177 more words

Don't cry for help

I’m sinking and theirs no one to save me.
People have tried to teach me how to swim in the past, but all I ever did was push them away. 102 more words

Day 34

It was a really stressful day because of all the work I had, but good. Although I didn’t finish everything I wanted to, I still achieved a lot, and I had some nice food and a good time at home. 586 more words

Beat Anorexia

This is who I am - Day 7

I cannot believe how much I have been letting my own mind get in my way this week. I thought it was stronger, that above everything else I would have the determination to face it head on and not back down. 502 more words