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Winter break - Break from Therapy

Had a therapy appointment today which I cancelled because I just … I just want to see how I fare without the looming date of therapy and knowing I’m going to have to talk about this. 123 more words


Ignorance Surrounding Eating Disorders

I recently stumbled upon a comment made by Meghan Trainor, the singer of “All About That Bass”. I already despise that song for various reasons, and her skinny-shaming earned her a negative reputation in my book. 425 more words

Mental Illness

I've done it again!

30 laxatives – again!!! I’m in sooo much pain right now! I don’t know how I’m intending on surviving christmas when I can’t even manage a ham sandwich without attempting to kill myself with laxatives ( not literally but I’m sure I’m close)!!! 105 more words

fighting an addiction

An eating disorder is not just a habit. It’s a habit chiseled out of a foundation of beliefs. And they reinforce each other. I think that is why it’s so difficult to overcome. 291 more words

what anorexia is to me

I want to spend one post describing what anorexia is to me – what it offers and how it affects me. This is not a pro-ana post or an argument for staying sick. 496 more words

All About That Junk?

Demi Lovato Slams Meghan Trainor After Eating Disorder Remarks

Well tweeted Demi Lovato. You have put out there exactly what needs to be said about mental illness and eating disorders in particular. 908 more words


Thinspo Crush of the Week: Flat Stomach

Hey Ana’s,

Here is a new thinspo crush of the week. Instead of an actual person I thought I would focus on a specific body part I love: flat stomachs. 24 more words