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07.23.14 – Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

granola, avena, banana, mantequilla de maní en leche de arroz

primal meatless vegan soy jerky

friends from austin came last night to stay with me for a couple of days and they brought treats! 7 more words


Appetite for Distraction - Another Day.

He wakes up. A journalist rummaged through the luggage of dead people. It disgusts people even though it is what journalists do every day. A tacit agreement we have with them that we get to read what they write about tragedy as long as we don’t have to be complicit in how they discover that tragedy. 329 more words

Appetite For Distraction

Like a bird.

I started reading a WordPress blog that belongs to a girl that I don’t even know… and now I’m up. I’m up because how she writes about life makes me thirst for it and I want to go live it now. 286 more words

Another Day.

another day another bowl

07.21.14 – Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica – avena en leche de arroz y papaya



Endless hours
Until the time stops
And you close yourself off
From the every day
Hoping to find
One ounce
One last crumb
Of strength and… 16 more words


I am a jealous person

I am a jealous person.
It’s one of my many flaws as a human being.

Sometimes it brings out the worst in me, but other times it brings out the best. 260 more words

Another Day