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Another Day

Not to complain, lately I’ve been a little negative. I’ve been feeling a little meh. Outside of hanging out with my friends, I go home and watch chick flicks and “How I Met Your Mother”. 275 more words



Forever with us is the rain,
How it pours and pours on the ground!
Swallows play around the lake!
They fly down speedily to the water! 66 more words


Another Day

Another day to be grateful- Someone out there is wishing that they have what you have.

Another day to be thankful- Wishing you have more is great, but being thankful for what you already have is even better. 271 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

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07.23.14 – Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

granola, avena, banana, mantequilla de manĂ­ en leche de arroz

primal meatless vegan soy jerky

friends from austin came last night to stay with me for a couple of days and they brought treats! 7 more words


Appetite for Distraction - Another Day.

He wakes up. A journalist rummaged through the luggage of dead people. It disgusts people even though it is what journalists do every day. A tacit agreement we have with them that we get to read what they write about tragedy as long as we don’t have to be complicit in how they discover that tragedy. 329 more words

Appetite For Distraction