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Queen VS Muse

This is a brand new track made with two songsĀ from two famous British rock bands. Each released in two different centuries, if the recent one from Muse have reminded you another one from Queen, you will realize that they actually fit perfectly together. 35 more words


The Bold Buffoon

I like my men like I like my coffee, strong, bold, with a touch of sweetness. And, like coffee, being bold has its limits, too much and it’s just bitter. 860 more words

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

I found a winner.

Yep, that’s right, I found a guy with the looks of a Greek god, ambition, the desire to travel, a sense of right and wrong, impeccable grammatical skills, a born romantic, a family man… what else is there to ask for? 227 more words

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What Dentists and Bad Kissers Have in Common

The Dentist…

For some, a source of cleansing of all those little nooks and crannies in your chompers. For others, a source of pure fear. Who would have thought bad kissers could be described the same way? 668 more words


All my Exes Live in Text-es

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. – George Bernard Shaw

Texting is so easy. When given the option between calling someone new and texting them, 86% of people will choose to text.

809 more words
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