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Welcome To The 1st Day

Have you ever been somewhere and someone tells you, “Welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life?”

I don’t remember ever being told that directly, but there have been plenty of times when I’ve said it to myself. 441 more words


In Which I Cussed Out My Shoes

I went shopping this summer. It’s not really a monumental accomplishment until you take into consideration that the list of things that I hate shopping for keeps getting longer. 309 more words


The VMAs Excels Miley Cyrus Yet Again

For the second year in a row following the MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus rises to No. 2 on the Social 50 chart — this time by trading twerking for social advocacy. 331 more words


Life On Campus

I always thought if I went to grad school I’d live on campus, or close enough that it’s basically campus. Once I realized how impossible that was I knew grad school wasn’t for me (it was just one reason that sealed the deal really). 865 more words


There Was Some Botox Involved

I’ve had a challenging few months (actually it’s been more like a year) so it’s been past time for a PM&R follow up. I was scheduled for early June so it worked out that I could get my “ducks in a row” before leaving for… 659 more words


Rant numéro un

‘I have the right to dress the way I want to’-every feminist’s cry today? Pretty much. What my limited understanding of the world and its matters and its languages tells me is that the ‘way I want to’ is an expression subjected to multiple interpretations. 904 more words

Resisting The Inner “Angry Cripple”

I’ve been something of a “fan girl” of Maysoon Zayid’s since watching her TED Talk earlier this year, so you can just imagine how surprised I was when I noticed she noticed one of my tweets & then replied to a DM (or 10). 526 more words