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Riding In Cars

My mom bought a new car recently. I, being the good child, went shopping with her; basically I helped her avoid saying, “I shouldn’t have gotten red,” or “this interior is too light, don’t you think,” in 6-9 months. 739 more words


On The ADA Anniversary

This week is the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

I’ve often wondered if the ADA creates more problems than it solves for some, if not all, people with disabilities. 435 more words

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Friends & Big Heads

Not to be confused with friends with big heads, although I have a few of those too.

Being a speaker (and in a sense an advocate… 520 more words


AFO Or No?

I don’t remember getting my first AFOs. That’s how long I’ve worn at least one AFO. I’ve had periods where I’ve been completely AFO-free (high school & college mostly) but I’ve had some kind of bracing more than I’ve not had it. 828 more words


A Note From One Of Those “Wheelchair People”

Dear Lady from Concourse F,

You probably don’t remember me but it will take me a while to forget you. I was one of “those wheelchair people,” as you called me, who was allowed to board your flight before you. 827 more words

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The Matter Of Disclosure

In addition to weekly chats on twitter (#CPChatNow) there are also monthly hangouts (I think). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate in any of the fun in real time due to… 1,024 more words

Another Side

In Which I Question Legality

Otherwise known as I channel my inner Billy Newton, and/or other social media savvy attorneys.

Since I’m between semesters it’s as good a time as any to take things off the back burner. 943 more words