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[Log Horizon 2] Episode 3: Raid Mechanics for the MMO Soul

Overall. Episode 3 is pretty much a continuation of the plot setup in Episode 2 (read Episode 2 review). Shiroe & co. begin on the raid, while festivities still continue in Akihabara as the adventurers prepare for Christmas. 895 more words


At the Monster's Table

When we were young
we had playing-card sized monsters
that roamed about on laminate tables
creating a vortex
for people with nothing else in common… 170 more words


Interrupted soap opera weddings: Speak now or forever hold yo—

It’s been a rough season for soap opera weddings. First, on Days of Our Lives, EJ got arrested right after his and Sami’s ceremony (though interrupted weddings are kind of a tradition for them). 781 more words

[Manga] Tenkuu Shinpan: Why the Battle Royale Genre Can Still Be Fresh

Richard Connell, in “The Most Dangerous Game,” declared that the ideal animal to hunt “must have courage, cunning, and above all, it must be able to reason.” In other words, a human. 1,187 more words


[Log Horizon 2] Episode 2: Red-Light Districts, Galaxy Idols, and Shounen Romance

Annnd, with this post, I’ll be back on track with the anime episodes! *whew* Writing 5 posts in the past 5 days (all on Log Horizon) is not quite something I would care to experience again… 941 more words


[Log Horizon 2] Episode 1 - Part B: Cyborg Consciousness

(Author’s Note: this is a follow up to the preview post. Please read that first to better understand this. Also, refer to Part A for my Episode 1 reactions.) 972 more words


[Log Horizon 2] Episode 1 - Part A: Bad Art, Choppy Plot, and Shiroe's Fall from Grace

I decided to split up my episode review (because it’s too long otherwise) into the episode reactions (Part A) and my theme discussions (Part B… 751 more words