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Soap operas and rape: A troubled history

Last week, on the season 3 finale of the primetime soap opera Dallas, heretofore unrepentant bad girl Emma Ryland suddenly and spontaneously apologized for all her crimes to date—ranging from an affair with a married man that drove his wife to attempt suicide, to plotting to send her father to jail so she could take over the family company. 945 more words

Another World/5

Another World Series – a nature series about the world within the dim recesses of the garden.

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Coma, coma, coma chameleon: The real truth about soap opera comas

On The Young & the Restless, Phyllis is starting to come out of her coma—just in time for her fiancé, Jack, to fall for Kelly (ain’t that always the way?). 856 more words

When All The Sky Is Darkened - half a tale is told

“Do you think they ever missed me?”
The fuzzy-faced sprite looked down at his toes. “Yes, my liege. Surely they did.” His tiny voice quavered, and he hoped the Queen didn’t notice. 10,081 more words

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

This game was so fucking hard.

I tired my best not to use a guide, but after being stuck in the same area for over an hour, and dying constantly (achievement unlocked), I caved in and looked up what I was supposed to do. 107 more words


Linger through

I wanna trace my fingers.
Down the sides of your face to your lips.
Dangle mine just inches from yours and linger.

I wanna write my name with my fingers down your spine. 78 more words


Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (Wii U) Review

“This is stop-and-go material, broken up by death or patches of logic tests. Another World’s unique animation slate forces a thick bond to the controller or Haykin perishes with alarming frequency. 106 more words

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