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A Real Gentleman know how precious his lady is.

My Thoughts

july 29 another moment

one day it was full

and the next it was seen

and how it hustled and how it made

and then it wanted something

and how it got and it was lead… 45 more words



What part of me decides that it is a good idea to write these late at night. It’s 11pm right now and I have my first day back at school after two weeks holiday tomorrow. 218 more words


Another (2012)

It such a pleasure that i can spend my time here, writing this review!

Ga ada hal becus yang bisa gue lakuin sih -_- jadi kebanggaan tersendiri kalo bisa berhasil nge-riview film yang baru aja gue tonton. 1,178 more words

another version

what is you and what is felt

and what is the new day

and hear it finds

and what it takes

and whom was the newbie… 46 more words


Until another day.

And so we pack up and leave. In this time and age we thought we’d never be away. Yet the feeling of desertion grips. It takes hold and refuses to leave. 94 more words

love you another time

summer time and the season

and how to see your face

and picture and fell in love

and thought it was the bells

and the whistles and how it all went off… 56 more words