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If Thor Was Real, You Would Be Loki

You are Loki.  You are the villain.  He is you.  Don’t be too offended by this.  Loki has a lot of depth, maybe even more than the hero of the story.  844 more words

Christianity & World Religions

212: The Proof of God by Larry Witham

212: Witham, Larry. The Proof of God: The Debate that Shaped Modern Belief. New York: Atlas & Co., 2008. 195 pp. ISBN 978-0-9777433-6-0.

Dewey Breakdown: 419 more words


Of Science and Faith: Natural Theology

In the last article we discussed faith based on reason from the teaching of Augustine. It follows as to ask what the relation is between faith and reason. 571 more words


3 Considerations for the Ontological Argument

For those of us familiar with the ontological argument, we may also be familiar with Immanuel Kant’s “textbook critique” of the Anselmsian proof. To be clear, Kant’s criticism is two-fold: (1) A concept cannot be formed to guarantee its own instantiation (i.e., have an instance) in extra-mental reality. 1,053 more words

Philosophy Of Religion


The largest exhibition of Kiefer’s work in the UK – including his paintings, sculptures, installations and artist’s books. The quality and skill of Kiefer’s work displayed at the Royal Academy was astounding. 368 more words


Dishonouring the Father

It is not just atheists who reject the father god of traditional theology; the image of god  that has developed within traditional Western Christianity also causes problems for those who regard themselves as staunch believers. 2,485 more words

Innate Deceiver