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Medieval Mind Blast

Life as a medieval monk provides almost the ideal conditions in which to practise philosophy: plenty of uninterrupted time, like-minded fellows and few worldly concerns. As long as they could endure chilled fingers, cramp  and eye-strain from hours of work under candle-light, monks could devote their lives to searching for answers to the most mind-expanding questions of all. 1,232 more words

The Ontological Argument Revisited

Here is an exposition of Anselm’s ontological argument. One premise is adapted from Zalta and Oppenheimer (1991) On the Logic of the Ontological Argument

However, Zalta and Oppenheimer are more concerned with arguing for an historically accurate version of the argument. 630 more words

Arguments For God

Apologetics 20: Part One: God the Promise Maker: First Summary Conclusion completed

(This is the twentieth of a periodic series on Christian Apologetics. Each will bear the “Apologetics” title together with a number so that they can be collected or read sequentially, even though other posts will be interspersed amongst them.) 1,069 more words


Rubber Sword Apologetics

Non-cogent argumentation is that which relies on incoherence and/or logical fallacy (usually non sequitur or begging the question).

The problem is that incoherence can be very powerful when employed as a… 851 more words

Due Scrutiny

The Ontological Argument: Anselm

Today I give the first post in my new series on Natural Theology. I plan on discussing arguments for the existence of God, and giving the pros and cons against them. 2,810 more words


Introducing Patristic Voices: Content, Methods, and Goals

Patristic scholars are kind of a rare breed in theology.  This fact makes a student’s attempt at writing on early church documents seem comical, perhaps even rash.  576 more words

Patristic Voices

Atonement To Go: Week One

This is an overview of our first week of ‘Atonement To Go’ Adult Ed class for this season of Lent. If you missed it, or need a recap, this lesson covers: What is Atonement? 15 more words

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