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The God-FIRST Life - 6 weeks to a new outlook on Spiritual Living!

This Sunday, we talked about what putting God FIRST looks like, and we identified that living in the Spirit means 4 things to us:

1. God is NEVER second, and when we try to put him there we are forcing illogical things to happen.   1,108 more words


TODAY'S Carry Over Question Of The Day

We did NOT get a winner for today’s question of the day so we will post the question below and all you have to do is call us tomorrow morning at 6:10 for your chance to win with your guess! 30 more words


Weight lost confidence lost?

Dear charlie, I met a guy four months ago. Our relationship is pretty new and pretty casual for the most part since we started dating. We like each other’s company and spend nights with eachother, but when we’re intimate, he keeps his clothes on as in boxers and all. 419 more words



My future posts in this category are about the journey to one’s own self. My role here is that of a conductor. Welcome onboard if you decided to take the quest! 145 more words


To let it come means to let it go

Thoughts have been coming into my head while I am trying to concentrate on my work. Due to habitual pattern, I start to deny it. Telling myself no, the thoughts are not referring to me, the thoughts are for someone else. 268 more words


Adolescent Arboretum

Hello and welcome back to another utterly unreliable and deviously deceptive week of Factually Deficient! Because I am only just returned from and still longing for my Plant Kingdom vacation, I thought I’d answer another question relating to that Kingdom which we all adore. 403 more words

Blatant Lies

Answer To “Decorate This Space: Choose The Correct Fireplace”

You guessed correctly if you chose choice B. This living space, created by Iverson Signature Residences, functions a bio-ethanol fireplace that can very easily be moved anyplace indoors or out. 25 more words

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