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I Don’t Know – in English

Don’t try to make me stay
Or ask if I’m okay
I don’t have the answer
Don’t make me stay the night
Or ask if I’m alright… 187 more words


to ask: to receive

Funny thing . . . inquisitiveness—think not?

And Jesus answered and said unto them, I also will ask you one question, which if ye tell me, I likewise will tell you by what authority I do these things. Matt 21:24 (ASV).


Questions (A Poem)

For a little while now I have had a feelings for someone, well a crush on someone. I have written a few poems about this and have not posted them, because it was too fresh. 122 more words

My Creative Self


I wonder if people remember me. In just the day-to-day activities, you know? I attend Oregon State University, I work on campus, and I’m in a sorority. 198 more words

Daily Prompt: Gonna Lose You Here

This prompt asks a question I am not really qualified to answer.
Having said that; let me explain the question.
Here is what the prompt reads; 299 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

I have a question for you- it's important.

December 21, 2014.

Today’s post is going to very short in words, but very deep thought. But it’s going to take effort on your part. I have a question for you, and I want to know your answer. 134 more words

Daily Devotions

Coat of Red, Coat of Gold

Welcome back to part two of this highly unusual and deeply untruthful three-part series here at Factually Deficient! If you missed Part One, or read it but just kind of miss it and want to read it again, you can find it… 578 more words

Blatant Lies