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Dear Oxy, #3

Dear Oxy,


My school semester has just started, and I’ve received some pretty large reading assignments.  Now, I’m a decent reader.  I’ve read Go, Dog, Go at least fifty times.   418 more words

on miracles

I love my little students…they love me unconditionally…today again because I had too much work…I had to refuse to play with them.In spite of me being so madly drowned in work…and rarely getting time to spend time with them like I used to every sunday morning…making sand castles…making mud towns and then roads connecting to each of those pyramidal houses…they still come to me every sunday just in the hope that I will be with them again. 73 more words


Women's Fashion Trends That Should've Never Happened

There’s no denying that women are the best thing to happen to mankind since the invention of refrigeration and TV Dinners.
Women are in most ways smarter than men. 601 more words


Reaching out in faith

Hearts, hands and voices reach out to God.

There’s a yearning, a desperate need to be heard.

To have our needs fulfilled.

And so often it feels like we come up empty. 380 more words


M is for Meeting for Worship

The other Sunday I was sitting in Meeting; there were some spoken contributions and after about the third, it felt like a discussion group. I was considering standing and saying this and reminding Friends that this was a Meeting for Worship. 838 more words

Faith And Practice

What exactly will we be doing in Greece?

This is the first in a series of answers to questions we are frequently asked. You can help decide what we answer next by voting… 896 more words


Where's the Wherewithal to Take Action on the Answers to Ed Tech's Challenges? [VIDEO 4:16]

Paul Hamilton presents a creative and artistic look at the challenges edtech faces. Created in 2012, we know the answers to the questions he poses: 102 more words