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Final Exam-Internet History Technology and Security

Question 1
How did the top-secret computing technologies developed at Bletchley Park during World-War II impact computing technology after the war:

The computer scientists used their knowledge of electronic computers to build the first generation of general purpose computers … 931 more words

Computer Science

Let's get to know more about CrazzyAmmy

We love getting to know our Answers contributors better and had a nice interview with another awesome member recently.  Meet Aman, known on the site to many as… 509 more words

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I've Learned; You Just Know

I know I love you because I’ve been surpassing all the levels on the way to love and realizing it. I always look forward to the next level and am excited with how far we can go. 137 more words

Why do animals and plants have complicated Latin names?

Animal and plants

Why do animals and plants have complicated latin names ?

Most plants and animals have popular names that vary from place to place. 143 more words


I've Learned; Stupid

Maybe stupid has become synonymous with I don’t give a fuck what you’re definition of smart is. And everyone thinks they know what the definition is. 109 more words

I've Learned; 210 Days Ago

Because every time I do it, I get this excruciating reminding of how alone I really am. Not lonely just alone and it stays with me for days. 223 more words