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Free Ant

When I was walking through the jungle I discovered this natural escene

Apache ANT task to upload and download files/blobs to/from Windows Azure

A while ago we got access to a year of free hosting on Windows Azure (see more about this here). At the time we were using Amazon S3 to store serialized HashMaps of geo-distances. 131 more words


Bloom with critter

The ant crawled out just as I pressed the shutter. At Ladew Topiary Gardens, Maryland


Scientific Illustration: Bull Ant

Around the same time that I was working on the moorhen, I was completing my entomological illustration. Late last year I had found a perfectly complete dead bull ant around Smith’s Lake area on the east coast of New South Wales. 177 more words

“There is a story which Jalaluddin Rumi tells of an ant that’s creeping across a Persian carpet in a mosque, and the ant complains to God, saying: ‘What is this, these bumps, and strange colors and patterns; this must have been created just as a meaningless obstacle course!

92 more words

Literature Review: Arthropod Evolution

by Carl Strang

If you’re a bug nerd you’ll enjoy the following notes on research from 2013. Especially significant were studies of butterflies and moths, and an eye-opening paper on periodical cicadas. 842 more words

Singing Insects

My World

“if you take a flower in your hand and you really look at it, it’s your world for a moment” – Georgia O’Keeffe