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Looking at the Antagonist

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist

I love a good antagonist.

One point that really stuck out for me was:

4. Make sure your antagonist—at least in his own mind—has justification for everything he does.

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Why I don't hate my antagonist

I mean, for all intents and purposes I probably should. Antagonists are meant to  be hated, right? They’re the ‘bad guys’. I’m pretty almost certain that antagonist translates into ‘bad guy’. 631 more words



The cold wind chilled Regina’s skin through her already soaked clothes. It had been raining throughout winter, and it had started drizzling again. She wanted to wrap her jacket tighter around her, call it quits, and get some hot food in her half-frozen body. 1,775 more words

Short Story

How To Create a New World - Part 2: Characters

            Welcome back, everyone! This is now part 2 of God-knows-how-many of my blog! Last time, we got started with how to set up a story. The idea, the setting, the characters, and the conflict. 607 more words


Being attacked by Antagonist in the Church?

Do you remember the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” It wasn’t true then and it still isn’t. 549 more words


Vicious Friday: Amber Horn, Awkward

Villains make the heroes lives interesting. And they’re the ones we love to hate. Without them there’s no thrill to the story now will there be victories for our beloved antagonists to celebrate. 661 more words


Creative Writing: Goals, Impacts, Accomplished & Thwarted

The protagonist reaches for a goal and the antagonist thwarts it.  At least, that’s how it works in this week’s creative writing session assignments.

Our exercise really should have been simple, but this is me and I am guilty of over analyzing  635 more words

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