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Day 13: Ancient Antagonist vs Modern Good Guy - Cain vs Gordon

FLESH AND LEFTOVERS was a zombie novel, but the zombies weren’t the build up for what was to come.  By the end of the book I had set up Cain to be the antagonist of the first trilogy.  423 more words

Rick Pipito

The plan


It was still seared into his memory, the moment when he’d told her. Fear had flashed across her face at first, but that had quickly turned to contempt. 380 more words

Make Readers "Love to Hate" Your Antagonist

What is it about antagonists that make us hate them so much? When I think of the worst villain I’ve ever seen, I think of  603 more words


A Great Antagonist

Ellen Brock’s videos have been a good source of help in writing various aspects of a story. I hope these can be a help to you as well in your dream to be a writer.


The Characterization of a Steampunk Antagonist

For those who don’t know what an antagonist is, an antagonist is your bad guy, your villain, who wants to smash the world for her own gain, who wants to dominate mankind to fulfil his evil ambitions. 537 more words



I like reading books in which the main character is constantly faced with bad situations. His or her situation gets so bad that you wonder whether he or she will ever triumph over the antagonist(s). 269 more words


Life Is Like A Movie - You Are the Star

Over many decades of film, there have been great movies and classic films which were revered  as unforgettable.  From the Titanic to Gone With The Wind… 979 more words