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A Protagonist's Best Friend

People often say that true friends are willing to tell us things we don’t want to hear about ourselves. Best friends care so much that they will even distress us if it’s the best thing for us. 223 more words


Day 18: S.H.A.N.E. vs M.U.T.S.

I already focused on the antagonist and protagonist in a previous post.  Those were for the first trilogy.  For my second trilogy it focuses on the team of special forces members, M.U.T.S. 279 more words


Creating a Powerful Theme Part Eight: The Challenge of the Antagonist

Last time, we looked at how minor characters can deepen your story’s theme by acting as foils to the main character.  The greater the differences become between the main character and a foil, and the more stakes fall into that conflict, the more that foil can move into the position of the antagonist.   673 more words

Why the JOKER isn't the Antagonist in THE DARK KNIGHT

I tend to get passionate about the wrong things and start arguments over trivial nonsense. I found myself in an argument months ago over the role of everyone’s favourite villain, the Joker. 925 more words

Inaugural Press

Get to Know Your Characters Challenge Responses: Antagonists

Today is Thursday, readers—Thursday the 16th. As promised, the Get to Know Your Characters: Antagonist closes today, with some exceptional pieces of work from a couple of different writers. 956 more words


Another voice

As I’ve been working through my draft, chopping and changing and adding and tweaking, there’s something I haven’t quite been able to reconcile.

On one level, this novel is a thriller. 363 more words

Don't Be a Hero.

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past two weeks. Between working at the loft, a demanding volleyball and social schedule and personal discoveries and endeavors, I have found myself unable to sit down for any block of time to compile an update. 629 more words