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The Wound (plus a book giveaway!)

Welcome to our monthly blog chat about the craft of fiction. Today, writing guru Sydney Smith and I talk about that great character driver – the psychological wound. 1,069 more words


Part of my World

Writing involves many exciting jobs in preparation, like reading or researching, memorizing a thesaurus, or maybe even travelling. The best task, though, is the people watching. 582 more words


Winter Is Coming - Cold, Cold, Cold!

Finally, frost has arrived on the pavements of north London and the temperature has fallen even further.  My present work as an accompanist pianist has stopped for the Christmas break, leaving me with lots of time to write. 170 more words


Conflict, Villains, and Finding Your Inner Evil

Remember a while back there were several internet memes floating around that had to do with killing characters.  All of them begin with a picture of J.K. 402 more words

Craft Notes

Introducing the antagonist

Most good stories have a villain, or as writers call it – the antagonist. The word Antagonist is derived from the Greek ἀνταγωνιστής – antagonistēs which refers to a rival, an opponent and/or an enemy. 597 more words


Is treatment with degarelix really "better" than treatment with an LHRH agonist?

One of our regular readers has asked us to comment on a paper suggesting the possibility of “significant improvement” in various outcomes for men initially treated with the LHRH antagonist degarelix as compared to the LHRH agonists leuprolide acetate and goserelin acetate. 981 more words


Write a Sexy Female Lead

What makes a woman truly sexy? Is it her perfume? The way she walks? The way she speaks? Is it her smile? Or the way she flicks her hair back? 773 more words