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Entomology - a layman's observations


The little guys are back. On a plateau of paving
Crawls a prehistoric apparition of a plated insect
Doing his moon walk with ginger steps… 164 more words

Insect of the month: Musk beetle

After a break, I started working again at the natural history museum, but this time at the entomology (insects) department. When I worked at the ornithology (birds) department I tried to focus on one bird each week. 304 more words

#048 Venonat

After all the excitement that i’ve been featured in Knitsy, it is time for a new pokémon!
This venonat started out as a simple purple ball, but i didn’t liked it that way because he wasn’t ‘fluffy’ enough. 74 more words

All Made Pokémons

Sideways Wasp

This was a tricky shot to handle in post for one particular reason. To put it as a question: how do I orient old slippery wasp? 161 more words

Macro Photography

Modern Manners

I walk with the aid of a cane, and generally people are very polite to me. They open doors and the like. I am not looking for pity or sympathy or attention, but I am glad that people open doors because sometimes it is a struggle, but mostly because it demonstrates that there are a few people with manners left on the planet. 212 more words


THE HIGH-FLYER (spotted in Heinrich-Heine-Platz in Kreuzberg SO 36)