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Anthony Hopkins Heads To 'Westworld'

Anthony Hopkins makes his US TV series debut in a new pilot from JJ Abrams, based on the 1970′s sci-fi classic Westworld. He has signed onto the HBO pilot, along with Evan Rachel Wood, instantly grabbing the pilot a ton of attention it didn’t necessarily have. 35 more words


HBO's 'Westworld' Remake Will Feature A Renowned Actor As Its Lead

The Westworld remake has been in the works for years now, starting as a movie before jumping to HBO as a series. And being an HBO series, it can lure some fairly major talent to TV, like for example Hannibal Lecter and Marilyn Manson’s ex.


HBO Westworld Pilot

(artwork by Methane Studios)
Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood have been chosen as the leads for the new HBO pilot for Westworld.

If you’re not familiar with Westworld, it’s a sci-fi western written by Michael Crichton. 233 more words


Anthony Hopkins Boards J.J. Abrams' HBO Sci-Fi Pilot Westworld

Quid pro quo: Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins joins HBO’s Westworld pilot, the sci-fi project gets even bigger buzz than it had before.

The Silence of the Lambs… 190 more words


The White Bus


Woodfall Film Productions

Directed by Lindsey Anderson

Produced by Oscar Lewenstein

Screenplay by Lindsay Anderson and Shelagh Delany

Based on a story by Shelagh Delaney… 562 more words


Film Review: Noah

I was hesitant to watch Noah for a while, but I’m glad I finally took the time out to see it. Although the movie is based on the biblical tale of Noah and the arc, which so many of us are familiar with, there are lots of differences and new spins on the tale. 412 more words


johnlink ranks THOR: THE DARK WORLD (2013)

Slowly working my way through the second phase of Marvel films. I finally saw IRON MAN 3 a couple of months back and got to THOR 2 last night. 520 more words

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