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Psycho I-IV

One of the most underrated American film franchises is the Psycho franchise.  The original Psycho franchise consists of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, Psycho, followed by… 631 more words


nothing new under the sun

I believe it was Aristotle who said, “there is nothing new under the sun”. The medieval “semioticians” codified his ideas as a series of rhetoric, one for every occasion; the artists who put those ideas into practice created art works that repeated, again n again, the same ideas, with just small twists to keep the interest alive. 330 more words

The Trial (1962)

The first movie I watched in the year 2015 is a 1962 film directed by the great Orson Welles. I thought this would be a really bad movie to help put me asleep since it was park of a dollar DVD two pack but I was quite wrong. 1,121 more words



Director of Photography: Bruce Surtees

Director: Anthony Perkins

Perfect Shots

Heck of a Water Bill

I’m drowning slowly in the shower
I’ve been in here for three hours
The water is so cold
I can’t feel me anymore 55 more words

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