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The Matchmaker

I have a theory that there were ferociously affectionate friends and family on the set of this film every day, just off-camera, sitting on the floor, or on folding chairs with a cushion for Grandma, or on a picnic blanket drinking from of a Thermos filled with coffee and John Jameson Irish Whiskey, watching and bewitched. 859 more words

We talk Psycho sequels and The Devil's Rain this episode

This week Tim and Kyle talk about 2 beloved sequels that have no right being as good as they are in PSYCHO 2 and 3.  And Kyle sees THE DEVIL’s RAIN a cheesy, melty, glob of evil goodness back in the heyday of the “satanic panic” flicks. 58 more words


TruffautHitchcockVillela: Part 4

This article is a partially fictitious account wherein I imagine myself in conversation with two of the greatest minds in cinema: Truffaut and Hitchcock. This work was inspired by the series of interviews the two conducted which was later turned into a book. 1,180 more words


Povestea reală din spatele lui "PSYCHO"

Cine e Norman Bates?

Norman Bates este una dintre cele mai importante figuri din istoria cinematografiei. Nu pentru că seria Psycho s-a întins până la patru filme, nici datorită noului serial “Bates Motel”, care se pare că are succes. 784 more words

Desire Under the Elms (1958)

“There’s something dark in the corners of this house prowling.”

So says Burl Ives.

Burl plays a stern taskmaster here with little room in his heart for his three sons. 467 more words

Daily Take

The Trial

…Say what you like, but The Trial is the best film I have ever made.

-Orson Welles

It’s well known that Orson Welles was exiled from Hollywood for a majority of his career, with much of his post-

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Film Favorites: Psycho

Psycho is often reductively referred to as the grandfather of all modern slasher movies. In some sense, that is perhaps true. It’s one of Hitchcock’s most clearly defined “horror films” (along with perhaps… 1,884 more words