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My Biggest Challenge

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. 365 more words

How To Be Confident!

What’s up sexy?

Today, we’re covering confidence and self-esteem.
In all honesty, nobody is completely confident.
If you haven’t caught onto that just yet and perhaps you are thinking there are a few out there who really are confident at all times … Nope! 1,597 more words

Mental Health

Meet Your Needs By Communicating Clearly!

 For me this is something that I recently had to deal with.  In my efforts to be “a positive person,” I felt the need to ignore and avoid directly addressing an issue I felt strongly about, in an effort to avoid negative thinking.   403 more words

Conscious Living

Brocade Federal Forum Changes the Network Conversation for Federal Government

Bangalore, India, September 9, 2014: As U.S. federal agencies continue to make smarter IT investments to keep up with the pace of commercial innovation, they are realizing how critical it is to embrace industry-leading networking standards and best practices to achieve their missions. On August …

Contribution is a Human NEED!!! Help Others And Change The World 1% At a Time

Hey Guys,

Yesterday as I was driving from the gym, I saw an old man, walking with his shopping cart with bags full of recyclable garbage and I decided to finally stop and ask him a simple question… 342 more words

Life Coach


What do Anthony Robbins and Rick Warren have in common?  Susan Cain experienced both a Robbins seminar and a worship service at Warren’s Saddleback Church as she researched for her book.  182 more words

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