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La réussite

Un psychothérapeute américain, Anthony Robbins, définissait ainsi la réussite :

« Rire souvent et beaucoup, mériter le respect des gens intelligents et l’affection des enfants, gagner l’estime des critiques honnêtes, et endurer les trahisons de ceux qui ne sont pas de vrais amis, apprécier la beauté, trouver ce qu’il y a de mieux dans les autres, laisser derrière soi un monde un peu meilleur, par un bel enfant, un jardin fleuri, ou une condition sociale moins dure, savoir qu’une vie seulement a respiré plus facilement grâce à vous ; voilà ce qu’est la réussite ».



Plug In To Your Potential

Location: Here
Time: Now
Mission: Expansion

“Good morning Bella. How are you feeling today?”

“I feel like……. I’m floating, as if there is nothing around me yet it feels like there is the infinite possibility of everything here. 183 more words

#mindsetgiveaway continues with an interview featuring Cloe Madanes, one of the partners of Anthony Robbins

Expect … the unexpected!  Here is a fresh interview/ webinar featuring legendary author, teacher, and coach, Cloe Madanes which by the way is one of the close collaborators of Anthony Robbins.  123 more words

2014 Personal Development

Should you go for the Ferrari?

I was attending Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar in Rome a few years back. A middle-aged man was brought on stage to share his story of success. 633 more words


A Letter to my Friends

Last week during one of my productive days I visited one of the op shops in town. I haven’t been in this shop for quite some time as it is generally extremely cramped and quite musty. 890 more words

Gratitude And Blessings